Merge tag 'perf-tools-for-v5.15-2021-09-04' of git://

Pull perf tool updates from Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:
 "New features:

   - Improvements for the flamegraph python script, including:
       - Display header
       - Display PIDs of user stacks
       - Added option to change color scheme
       - Default to blue/green color scheme to improve accessibility
       - Correctly identify kernel stacks when debuginfo is available

   - Improvements for 'perf bench futex':
       - Add --mlockall parameter
       - Add --broadcast and --pi to the 'requeue' sub benchmark

   - Add support for PMU aliases.

   - Introduce an ARM Coresight ETE decoder.

   - Add a 'perf bench' entry for evlist open/close operations, to help
     quantify improvements with multithreading 'perf record'.

   - Allow reporting the [un]throttle PERF_RECORD_ meta event in 'perf
     script's python scripting.

   - Add a 'perf test' entry for PMU aliases.

   - Add a 'perf test' entry for 'perf record/perf report/perf script'
     pipe mode.


   - perf script dlfilter (API for filtering via dynamically loaded
     shared object introduced in v5.14) fixes and a 'perf test' entry
     for it.

   - Fix get_current_dir_name() compilation on Android.

   - Fix issues with asciidoc and double dashes uses.

   - Fix memory leaks in the BTF handling code.

   - Fix leftover problems in the Documentation from the infrastructure
     originally lifted from the git codebase.

   - Fix * 'perf test' failures.

   - Handle fd gaps in 'perf test's test__dso_data_reopen().

   - Make sure to show disasembly warnings for 'perf annotate --stdio'.

   - Fix output from pipe to file and vice-versa in 'perf

   - Correct 'perf data -h' output.

   - Fix wrong comm in system-wide mode with 'perf record --delay'.

   - Do not allow --for-each-cgroup without cpu in 'perf stat'

   - Make 'perf test --skip' work on shell tests.

   - Fix libperf's verbose printing.

  Misc improvements:

   - Preparatory patches for multithreading various 'perf record' phases
     (synthesizing, opening, recording, etc).

   - Add sparse context/locking annotations in compiler-types.h, also to
     help with the multithreading effort.

   - Optimize the generation of the arch specific erno tables used in
     'perf trace'.

   - Optimize libperf's perf_cpu_map__max().

   - Improve ARM's CoreSight warnings.

   - Report collisions in AUX records.

   - Improve warnings for the LLVM 'perf test' entry.

   - Improve the PMU events 'perf test' codebase.

   - perf test: Do not compare overheads in the zstd comp test

   - Better support annotation on ARM.

   - Update 'perf trace's cmd string table to decode sys_bpf() first

  Vendor events:

   - Add JSON events and metrics for Intel's Ice Lake, Tiger Lake and
     Elhart Lake.

   - Update JSON eventsand metrics for Intel's Cascade Lake and Sky Lake

  Hardware tracing:

   - Improvements for the ARM hardware tracing auxtrace support"

* tag 'perf-tools-for-v5.15-2021-09-04' of git:// (130 commits)
  perf tests: Add test for PMU aliases
  perf pmu: Add PMU alias support
  perf session: Report collisions in AUX records
  perf script python: Allow reporting the [un]throttle PERF_RECORD_ meta event
  perf build: Report failure for testing feature libopencsd
  perf cs-etm: Show a warning for an unknown magic number
  perf cs-etm: Print the decoder name
  perf cs-etm: Create ETE decoder
  perf cs-etm: Update OpenCSD decoder for ETE
  perf cs-etm: Fix typo
  perf cs-etm: Save TRCDEVARCH register
  perf cs-etm: Refactor out ETMv4 header saving
  perf cs-etm: Initialise architecture based on TRCIDR1
  perf cs-etm: Refactor initialisation of decoder params.
  tools build: Fix feature detect clean for out of source builds
  perf evlist: Add evlist__for_each_entry_from() macro
  perf evsel: Handle precise_ip fallback in evsel__open_cpu()
  perf evsel: Move bpf_counter__install_pe() to success path in evsel__open_cpu()
  perf evsel: Move test_attr__open() to success path in evsel__open_cpu()
  perf evsel: Move ignore_missing_thread() to fallback code