Merge tag 'mfd-next-5.15' of git://

Pull MFD updates from Lee Jones:
 "Core Frameworks:
   - Add support for registering devices via MFD cells to Simple MFD (I2C)

  New Drivers:
   - Add support for Renesas Synchronization Management Unit (SMU)

  New Device Support:
   - Add support for N5010 to Intel M10 BMC
   - Add support for Cannon Lake to Intel LPSS ACPI
   - Add support for Samsung SSG{1,2} to ST-Ericsson's U8500 family
   - Add support for TQMx110EB and TQMxE40x to TQ-Systems PLD TQMx86

  New Functionality:
   - Add support for GPIO to Intel LPC ICH
   - Add support for Reset to Texas Instruments TPS65086

   - Trivial, sorting, whitespace, renaming, etc; mt6360-core, db8500-prcmu-regs, tqmx86
   - Device Tree fiddling; syscon, axp20x, qcom,pm8008, ti,tps65086, brcm,cru
   - Use proper APIs for IRQ map resolution; ab8500-core, stmpe, tc3589x, wm8994-irq
   - Pass 'supplied-from' property through axp288_fuel_gauge via swnode
   - Remove unused file entry; MAINTAINERS
   - Make interrupt line optional; tps65086
   - Rename db8500-cpuidle driver symbol; db8500-prcmu
   - Remove support for unused hardware; tqmx86
   - Provide a standard LPC clock frequency for unknown boards; tqmx86
   - Remove unused code; ti_am335x_tscadc
   - Use of_iomap() instead of ioremap(); syscon

  Bug Fixes:
   - Clear GPIO IRQ resource flags when no IRQ is set; tqmx86
   - Fix incorrect/misleading frequencies; db8500-prcmu
   - Mitigate namespace clash with other GPIOBASE users"

* tag 'mfd-next-5.15' of git:// (31 commits)
  mfd: lpc_sch: Rename GPIOBASE to prevent build error
  mfd: syscon: Use of_iomap() instead of ioremap()
  dt-bindings: mfd: Add Broadcom CRU
  mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Delete superfluous error message
  mfd: tqmx86: Assume 24MHz LPC clock for unknown boards
  mfd: tqmx86: Add support for TQ-Systems DMI IDs
  mfd: tqmx86: Add support for TQMx110EB and TQMxE40x
  mfd: tqmx86: Fix typo in "platform"
  mfd: tqmx86: Remove incorrect TQMx90UC board ID
  mfd: tqmx86: Clear GPIO IRQ resource when no IRQ is set
  mfd: simple-mfd-i2c: Add support for registering devices via MFD cells
  mfd/cpuidle: ux500: Rename driver symbol
  mfd: tps65086: Add cell entry for reset driver
  mfd: tps65086: Make interrupt line optional
  dt-bindings: mfd: Convert tps65086.txt to YAML
  mfd: db8500-prcmu: Handle missing FW variant
  mfd: db8500-prcmu: Rename register header
  mfd: axp20x: Add supplied-from property to axp288_fuel_gauge cell
  mfd: Don't use irq_create_mapping() to resolve a mapping