Merge branch 'anton-kgdb' (kgdb dmesg fixups)

Merge emailed kgdb dmesg fixups patches from Anton Vorontsov:
 "The dmesg command appears to be broken after the printk rework.  The
  old logic in the kdb code makes no sense in terms of current
  printk/logging storage format, and KDB simply hangs forever upon
  entering 'dmesg' command.

  The first patch revives the command by switching to kmsg_dumper
  iterator.  As a side-effect, the code is now much more simpler.

  A few changes were needed in the printk.c: we needed unlocked variant
  of the kmsg_dumper iterator, but these can surely wait for 3.6.

  It's probably too late even for the first patch to go to 3.5, but I'll
  try to convince otherwise.  :-) Here we go:

   - The current code is broken for sure, and has no hope to work at
     all.  It is a regression
   - The new code works for me, and probably works for everyone else;
   - If it compiles (and I urge everyone to compile-test it on your
     setup), it hardly can make things worse."

* Merge emailed patches from Anton Vorontsov: (4 commits)
  kdb: Switch to nolock variants of kmsg_dump functions
  printk: Implement some unlocked kmsg_dump functions
  printk: Remove kdb_syslog_data
  kdb: Revive dmesg command