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#include <plat/gpio-nomadik.h>
/* Package definitions */
#define PINCTRL_NMK_STN8815 0
#define PINCTRL_NMK_DB8500 1
* struct nmk_function - Nomadik pinctrl mux function
* @name: The name of the function, exported to pinctrl core.
* @groups: An array of pin groups that may select this function.
* @ngroups: The number of entries in @groups.
struct nmk_function {
const char *name;
const char * const *groups;
unsigned ngroups;
* struct nmk_pingroup - describes a Nomadik pin group
* @name: the name of this specific pin group
* @pins: an array of discrete physical pins used in this group, taken
* from the driver-local pin enumeration space
* @num_pins: the number of pins in this group array, i.e. the number of
* elements in .pins so we can iterate over that array
* @altsetting: the altsetting to apply to all pins in this group to
* configure them to be used by a function
struct nmk_pingroup {
const char *name;
const unsigned int *pins;
const unsigned npins;
int altsetting;
* struct nmk_pinctrl_soc_data - Nomadik pin controller per-SoC configuration
* @gpio_ranges: An array of GPIO ranges for this SoC
* @gpio_num_ranges: The number of GPIO ranges for this SoC
* @pins: An array describing all pins the pin controller affects.
* All pins which are also GPIOs must be listed first within the
* array, and be numbered identically to the GPIO controller's
* numbering.
* @npins: The number of entries in @pins.
* @functions: The functions supported on this SoC.
* @nfunction: The number of entries in @functions.
* @groups: An array describing all pin groups the pin SoC supports.
* @ngroups: The number of entries in @groups.
struct nmk_pinctrl_soc_data {
struct pinctrl_gpio_range *gpio_ranges;
unsigned gpio_num_ranges;
const struct pinctrl_pin_desc *pins;
unsigned npins;
const struct nmk_function *functions;
unsigned nfunctions;
const struct nmk_pingroup *groups;
unsigned ngroups;
void nmk_pinctrl_db8500_init(const struct nmk_pinctrl_soc_data **soc);
static inline void
nmk_pinctrl_db8500_init(const struct nmk_pinctrl_soc_data **soc)