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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Copyright (c) 2011 Ozmo Inc
* Released under the GNU General Public License Version 2 (GPLv2).
* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#ifndef _OZPROTO_H
#define _OZPROTO_H
#include <asm/byteorder.h>
#include "ozconfig.h"
#include "ozappif.h"
#define OZ_ALLOCATED_SPACE(__x) (LL_RESERVED_SPACE(__x)+(__x)->needed_tailroom)
/* Converts millisecs to jiffies.
#define oz_ms_to_jiffies(__x) (((__x)*1000)/HZ)
/* Quantum milliseconds.
#define OZ_QUANTUM_MS 8
/* Quantum jiffies
#define OZ_QUANTUM_J (oz_ms_to_jiffies(OZ_QUANTUM_MS))
/* Default timeouts.
#define OZ_PRESLEEP_TOUT_J (11*HZ)
/* Maximun sizes of tx frames. */
#define OZ_MAX_TX_SIZE 1514
/* Application handler functions.
typedef int (*oz_app_init_fn_t)(void);
typedef void (*oz_app_term_fn_t)(void);
typedef int (*oz_app_start_fn_t)(struct oz_pd *pd, int resume);
typedef void (*oz_app_stop_fn_t)(struct oz_pd *pd, int pause);
typedef void (*oz_app_rx_fn_t)(struct oz_pd *pd, struct oz_elt *elt);
typedef int (*oz_app_hearbeat_fn_t)(struct oz_pd *pd);
typedef void (*oz_app_farewell_fn_t)(struct oz_pd *pd, u8 ep_num,
u8 *data, u8 len);
struct oz_app_if {
oz_app_init_fn_t init;
oz_app_term_fn_t term;
oz_app_start_fn_t start;
oz_app_stop_fn_t stop;
oz_app_rx_fn_t rx;
oz_app_hearbeat_fn_t heartbeat;
oz_app_farewell_fn_t farewell;
int app_id;
int oz_protocol_init(char *devs);
void oz_protocol_term(void);
int oz_get_pd_list(struct oz_mac_addr *addr, int max_count);
void oz_app_enable(int app_id, int enable);
struct oz_pd *oz_pd_find(u8 *mac_addr);
void oz_binding_add(char *net_dev);
void oz_binding_remove(char *net_dev);
void oz_timer_add(struct oz_pd *pd, int type, unsigned long due_time,
int remove);
void oz_timer_delete(struct oz_pd *pd, int type);
void oz_pd_request_heartbeat(struct oz_pd *pd);
void oz_polling_lock_bh(void);
void oz_polling_unlock_bh(void);
#endif /* _OZPROTO_H */