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* Migrate to (and if necessary, extend) existing upstream code such as
iommu, wdt, mcbsp, gptimers
* Decouple hardware-specific code (e.g. bridge_brd_start/stop/delete/monitor)
* DOFF binary loader: consider pushing to user space. at the very least
eliminate the direct filesystem access
* Eliminate general services and libraries - use or extend existing kernel
libraries instead (e.g. gcf/lcm in nldr.c, global helpers in gen/)
* Eliminate direct manipulation of OMAP_SYSC_BASE
* Eliminate DSP_SUCCEEDED macros and their imposed redundant indentations
(adopt the kernel way of checking for return values)
* Audit interfaces exposed to user space
* Audit and clean up header files folder
* Use kernel coding style
* fixes
* allocate ext_mem_pool from consistent memory instead of using ioremap
Please send any patches to Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
and Omar Ramirez Luna <>.