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* zsmalloc memory allocator
* Copyright (C) 2011 Nitin Gupta
* This code is released using a dual license strategy: BSD/GPL
* You can choose the license that better fits your requirements.
* Released under the terms of 3-clause BSD License
* Released under the terms of GNU General Public License Version 2.0
#ifndef _ZS_MALLOC_H_
#define _ZS_MALLOC_H_
#include <linux/types.h>
* zsmalloc mapping modes
* NOTE: These only make a difference when a mapped object spans pages
enum zs_mapmode {
ZS_MM_RW, /* normal read-write mapping */
ZS_MM_RO, /* read-only (no copy-out at unmap time) */
ZS_MM_WO /* write-only (no copy-in at map time) */
struct zs_pool;
struct zs_pool *zs_create_pool(const char *name, gfp_t flags);
void zs_destroy_pool(struct zs_pool *pool);
unsigned long zs_malloc(struct zs_pool *pool, size_t size);
void zs_free(struct zs_pool *pool, unsigned long obj);
void *zs_map_object(struct zs_pool *pool, unsigned long handle,
enum zs_mapmode mm);
void zs_unmap_object(struct zs_pool *pool, unsigned long handle);
u64 zs_get_total_size_bytes(struct zs_pool *pool);