Merge branch 'core/softlockup' of git://

* 'core/softlockup' of git://
  softlockup: make DETECT_HUNG_TASK default depend on DETECT_SOFTLOCKUP
  softlockup: move 'one' to the softlockup section in sysctl.c
  softlockup: ensure the task has been switched out once
  softlockup: remove timestamp checking from hung_task
  softlockup: convert read_lock in hung_task to rcu_read_lock
  softlockup: check all tasks in hung_task
  softlockup: remove unused definition for spawn_softlockup_task
  softlockup: fix potential race in hung_task when resetting timeout
  softlockup: fix to allow compiling with !DETECT_HUNG_TASK
  softlockup: decouple hung tasks check from softlockup detection