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* master: (648 commits)
  Linux 5.16-rc4
  KVM: SVM: Do not terminate SEV-ES guests on GHCB validation failure
  KVM: SEV: Fall back to vmalloc for SEV-ES scratch area if necessary
  KVM: SEV: Return appropriate error codes if SEV-ES scratch setup fails
  parisc: Mark cr16 CPU clocksource unstable on all SMP machines
  parisc: Fix "make install" on newer debian releases
  sched/uclamp: Fix rq->uclamp_max not set on first enqueue
  preempt/dynamic: Fix setup_preempt_mode() return value
  cifs: avoid use of dstaddr as key for fscache client cookie
  cifs: add server conn_id to fscache client cookie
  cifs: wait for tcon resource_id before getting fscache super
  cifs: fix missed refcounting of ipc tcon
  x86/xen: Add xenpv_restore_regs_and_return_to_usermode()
  x86/entry: Use the correct fence macro after swapgs in kernel CR3
  fget: check that the fd still exists after getting a ref to it
  x86/entry: Add a fence for kernel entry SWAPGS in paranoid_entry()
  x86/sev: Fix SEV-ES INS/OUTS instructions for word, dword, and qword
  powercap: DTPM: Drop unused local variable from init_dtpm()
  io-wq: don't retry task_work creation failure on fatal conditions
  serial: 8250_bcm7271: UART errors after resuming from S2