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* IRIX prctl interface
* The IRIX kernel maps a page at PRDA_ADDRESS with the
* contents of prda and fills it the bits on prda_sys.
#ifndef __PRCTL_H__
#define __PRCTL_H__
#define PRDA_ADDRESS 0x200000L
#define PRDA ((struct prda *) PRDA_ADDRESS)
struct prda_sys {
pid_t t_pid;
u32 t_hint;
u32 t_dlactseq;
u32 t_fpflags;
u32 t_prid; /* processor type, $prid CP0 register */
u32 t_dlendseq;
u64 t_unused1[5];
pid_t t_rpid;
s32 t_resched;
u32 t_unused[8];
u32 t_cpu; /* current/last cpu */
/* FIXME: The signal information, not supported by Linux now */
u32 t_flags; /* if true, then the sigprocmask is in userspace */
u32 t_sigprocmask [1]; /* the sigprocmask */
struct prda {
char fill [0xe00];
struct prda_sys prda_sys;
#define t_sys prda_sys
ptrdiff_t prctl(int op, int v1, int v2);