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* metronomefb.h - definitions for the metronome framebuffer driver
* Copyright (C) 2008 by Jaya Kumar
* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file COPYING in the main directory of this archive for
* more details.
/* address and control descriptors used by metronome controller */
struct metromem_desc {
u32 mFDADR0;
u32 mFSADR0;
u32 mFIDR0;
u32 mLDCMD0;
/* command structure used by metronome controller */
struct metromem_cmd {
u16 opcode;
u16 args[((64-2)/2)];
u16 csum;
/* struct used by metronome. board specific stuff comes from *board */
struct metronomefb_par {
unsigned char *metromem;
struct metromem_desc *metromem_desc;
struct metromem_cmd *metromem_cmd;
unsigned char *metromem_wfm;
unsigned char *metromem_img;
u16 *metromem_img_csum;
u16 *csum_table;
int metromemsize;
dma_addr_t metromem_dma;
dma_addr_t metromem_desc_dma;
struct fb_info *info;
struct metronome_board *board;
wait_queue_head_t waitq;
u8 frame_count;
/* board specific routines */
struct metronome_board {
struct module *owner;
void (*free_irq)(struct fb_info *);
void (*init_gpio_regs)(struct metronomefb_par *);
void (*init_lcdc_regs)(struct metronomefb_par *);
void (*post_dma_setup)(struct metronomefb_par *);
void (*set_rst)(struct metronomefb_par *, int);
void (*set_stdby)(struct metronomefb_par *, int);
int (*met_wait_event)(struct metronomefb_par *);
int (*met_wait_event_intr)(struct metronomefb_par *);
int (*setup_irq)(struct fb_info *);