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* arch/sh/kernel/cpu/sh3/swsusp.S
* Copyright (C) 2009 Magnus Damm
* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
#include <linux/sys.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/linkage.h>
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
#define k0 r0
#define k1 r1
#define k2 r2
#define k3 r3
#define k4 r4
! swsusp_arch_resume()
! - copy restore_pblist pages
! - restore registers from swsusp_arch_regs_cpu0
mov.l 1f, r15
mov.l 2f, r4
mov.l @r4, r4
mov r4, r0
cmp/eq #0, r0
bt swsusp_restore_regs
mov.l @(PBE_ADDRESS, r4), r2
mov.l @(PBE_ORIG_ADDRESS, r4), r5
mov #(PAGE_SIZE >> 10), r3
shll8 r3
shlr2 r3 /* PAGE_SIZE / 16 */
dt r3
mov.l @r2+,r1 /* 16n+0 */
mov.l r1,@r5
add #4,r5
mov.l @r2+,r1 /* 16n+4 */
mov.l r1,@r5
add #4,r5
mov.l @r2+,r1 /* 16n+8 */
mov.l r1,@r5
add #4,r5
mov.l @r2+,r1 /* 16n+12 */
mov.l r1,@r5
bf/s swsusp_copy_page
add #4,r5
bra swsusp_copy_loop
mov.l @(PBE_NEXT, r4), r4
! BL=0: R7->R0 is bank0
mov.l 3f, r8
mov.l 4f, r5
jsr @r5
! BL=1: R7->R0 is bank1
lds k2, pr
ldc k3, ssr
mov.l @r15+, r0
mov.l @r15+, r1
mov.l @r15+, r2
mov.l @r15+, r3
mov.l @r15+, r4
mov.l @r15+, r5
mov.l @r15+, r6
mov.l @r15+, r7
! BL=0: R7->R0 is bank0
.align 2
1: .long swsusp_arch_regs_cpu0
2: .long restore_pblist
3: .long 0x20000000 ! RB=1
4: .long restore_regs
! swsusp_arch_suspend()
! - prepare pc for resume, return from function without swsusp_save on resume
! - save registers in swsusp_arch_regs_cpu0
! - call swsusp_save write suspend image
sts pr, r0 ! save pr in r0
mov r15, r2 ! save sp in r2
mov r8, r5 ! save r8 in r5
stc sr, r1
ldc r1, ssr ! save sr in ssr
mov.l 1f, r1
ldc r1, spc ! setup pc value for resuming
mov.l 5f, r15 ! use swsusp_arch_regs_cpu0 as stack
mov.l 6f, r3
add r3, r15 ! save from top of structure
! BL=0: R7->R0 is bank0
mov.l 2f, r3 ! get new SR value for bank1
mov #0, r4
mov.l 7f, r1
jsr @r1 ! switch to bank1 and save bank1 r7->r0
not r4, r4
! BL=1: R7->R0 is bank1
stc r2_bank, k0 ! fetch old sp from r2_bank0
mov.l 3f, k4 ! SR bits to clear in k4
mov.l 8f, k1
jsr @k1 ! switch to bank0 and save all regs
stc r0_bank, k3 ! fetch old pr from r0_bank0
! BL=0: R7->R0 is bank0
mov r2, r15 ! restore old sp
mov r5, r8 ! restore old r8
stc ssr, r1
ldc r1, sr ! restore old sr
lds r0, pr ! restore old pr
mov.l 4f, r0
jmp @r0
mov r2, r15 ! restore old sp
mov r5, r8 ! restore old r8
lds r0, pr ! restore old pr
mov #0, r0
.align 2
1: .long swsusp_call_save
2: .long 0x20000000 ! RB=1
3: .long 0xdfffffff ! RB=0
4: .long swsusp_save
5: .long swsusp_arch_regs_cpu0
7: .long save_low_regs
8: .long save_regs