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* kernel/lockdep_internals.h
* Runtime locking correctness validator
* lockdep subsystem internal functions and variables.
* MAX_LOCKDEP_ENTRIES is the maximum number of lock dependencies
* we track.
* We use the per-lock dependency maps in two ways: we grow it by adding
* every to-be-taken lock to all currently held lock's own dependency
* table (if it's not there yet), and we check it for lock order
* conflicts and deadlocks.
* Stack-trace: tightly packed array of stack backtrace
* addresses. Protected by the hash_lock.
extern struct list_head all_lock_classes;
extern struct lock_chain lock_chains[];
extern void
get_usage_chars(struct lock_class *class, char *c1, char *c2, char *c3, char *c4);
extern const char * __get_key_name(struct lockdep_subclass_key *key, char *str);
struct lock_class *lock_chain_get_class(struct lock_chain *chain, int i);
extern unsigned long nr_lock_classes;
extern unsigned long nr_list_entries;
extern unsigned long nr_lock_chains;
extern int nr_chain_hlocks;
extern unsigned long nr_stack_trace_entries;
extern unsigned int nr_hardirq_chains;
extern unsigned int nr_softirq_chains;
extern unsigned int nr_process_chains;
extern unsigned int max_lockdep_depth;
extern unsigned int max_recursion_depth;
extern unsigned long lockdep_count_forward_deps(struct lock_class *);
extern unsigned long lockdep_count_backward_deps(struct lock_class *);
static inline unsigned long
lockdep_count_forward_deps(struct lock_class *class)
return 0;
static inline unsigned long
lockdep_count_backward_deps(struct lock_class *class)
return 0;
* Various lockdep statistics:
extern atomic_t chain_lookup_hits;
extern atomic_t chain_lookup_misses;
extern atomic_t hardirqs_on_events;
extern atomic_t hardirqs_off_events;
extern atomic_t redundant_hardirqs_on;
extern atomic_t redundant_hardirqs_off;
extern atomic_t softirqs_on_events;
extern atomic_t softirqs_off_events;
extern atomic_t redundant_softirqs_on;
extern atomic_t redundant_softirqs_off;
extern atomic_t nr_unused_locks;
extern atomic_t nr_cyclic_checks;
extern atomic_t nr_cyclic_check_recursions;
extern atomic_t nr_find_usage_forwards_checks;
extern atomic_t nr_find_usage_forwards_recursions;
extern atomic_t nr_find_usage_backwards_checks;
extern atomic_t nr_find_usage_backwards_recursions;
# define debug_atomic_inc(ptr) atomic_inc(ptr)
# define debug_atomic_dec(ptr) atomic_dec(ptr)
# define debug_atomic_read(ptr) atomic_read(ptr)
# define debug_atomic_inc(ptr) do { } while (0)
# define debug_atomic_dec(ptr) do { } while (0)
# define debug_atomic_read(ptr) 0