Merge branch 'testing/rdma-rc' into queue-rc

* testing/rdma-rc: (251 commits)
  RDMA/mlx5: Don't set desc_size in user mr
  RDMA/mlx5: Add dummy umem to IB_MR_TYPE_DM
  Linux 5.15-rc6
  block, bfq: reset last_bfqq_created on group change
  block: warn when putting the final reference on a registered disk
  brd: reduce the brd_devices_mutex scope
  x86/fpu: Mask out the invalid MXCSR bits properly
  Input: touchscreen - avoid bitwise vs logical OR warning
  Input: xpad - add support for another USB ID of Nacon GC-100
  Input: resistive-adc-touch - fix division by zero error on z1 == 0
  Input: snvs_pwrkey - add clk handling
  kyber: avoid q->disk dereferences in trace points
  block: keep q_usage_counter in atomic mode after del_gendisk
  block: drain file system I/O on del_gendisk
  block: split bio_queue_enter from blk_queue_enter
  block: factor out a blk_try_enter_queue helper
  block: call submit_bio_checks under q_usage_counter
  nds32/ftrace: Fix Error: invalid operands (*UND* and *UND* sections) for `^'
  ARC: fix potential build snafu
  csky: Make HAVE_TCM depend on !COMPILE_TEST