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/* This file copes with machines that wakeup secondary CPUs by NMIs */
#define TRAMPOLINE_LOW phys_to_virt(0x8)
#define TRAMPOLINE_HIGH phys_to_virt(0xa)
#define boot_cpu_apicid boot_cpu_logical_apicid
/* We don't do anything here because we use NMI's to boot instead */
static inline void wait_for_init_deassert(atomic_t *deassert)
* Because we use NMIs rather than the INIT-STARTUP sequence to
* bootstrap the CPUs, the APIC may be in a weird state. Kick it.
static inline void smp_callin_clear_local_apic(void)
static inline void store_NMI_vector(unsigned short *high, unsigned short *low)
printk("Storing NMI vector\n");
*high = *((volatile unsigned short *) TRAMPOLINE_HIGH);
*low = *((volatile unsigned short *) TRAMPOLINE_LOW);
static inline void restore_NMI_vector(unsigned short *high, unsigned short *low)
printk("Restoring NMI vector\n");
*((volatile unsigned short *) TRAMPOLINE_HIGH) = *high;
*((volatile unsigned short *) TRAMPOLINE_LOW) = *low;
#define inquire_remote_apic(apicid) {}
#endif /* __ASM_MACH_WAKECPU_H */