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#ifndef __CRIS_A_OUT_H__
#define __CRIS_A_OUT_H__
/* we don't support a.out binaries on Linux/CRIS anyway, so this is
* not really used but still needed because binfmt_elf.c for some reason
* wants to know about a.out even if there is no interpreter available...
/* grabbed from the intel stuff */
struct exec
unsigned long a_info; /* Use macros N_MAGIC, etc for access */
unsigned a_text; /* length of text, in bytes */
unsigned a_data; /* length of data, in bytes */
unsigned a_bss; /* length of uninitialized data area for file, in bytes */
unsigned a_syms; /* length of symbol table data in file, in bytes */
unsigned a_entry; /* start address */
unsigned a_trsize; /* length of relocation info for text, in bytes */
unsigned a_drsize; /* length of relocation info for data, in bytes */
#define N_TRSIZE(a) ((a).a_trsize)
#define N_DRSIZE(a) ((a).a_drsize)
#define N_SYMSIZE(a) ((a).a_syms)