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What: legacy isochronous ABI of raw1394 (1st generation iso ABI)
Date: June 2007 (scheduled), removed in kernel v2.6.23
The two request types RAW1394_REQ_ISO_SEND, RAW1394_REQ_ISO_LISTEN have
been deprecated for quite some time. They are very inefficient as they
come with high interrupt load and several layers of callbacks for each
packet. Because of these deficiencies, the video1394 and dv1394 drivers
and the 3rd-generation isochronous ABI in raw1394 (rawiso) were created.
libraw1394 users via the long deprecated API raw1394_iso_write,
raw1394_start_iso_write, raw1394_start_iso_rcv, raw1394_stop_iso_rcv
libdc1394, which optionally uses these old libraw1394 calls
alternatively to the more efficient video1394 ABI