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* Copyright (C) 2002 Paul Mackerras, IBM Corp.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
* 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#include <asm/processor.h>
#include <asm/ppc_asm.h>
.align 7
/* first check for a whole page copy on a page boundary */
cmpldi cr1,r5,16
cmpdi cr6,r5,4096
or r0,r3,r4
neg r6,r3 /* LS 3 bits = # bytes to 8-byte dest bdry */
andi. r0,r0,4095
std r3,-24(r1)
crand cr0*4+2,cr0*4+2,cr6*4+2
std r4,-16(r1)
std r5,-8(r1)
dcbt 0,r4
beq .Lcopy_page_4K
andi. r6,r6,7
PPC_MTOCRF 0x01,r5
blt cr1,.Lshort_copy
bne .Ldst_unaligned
andi. r0,r4,7
addi r3,r3,-16
bne .Lsrc_unaligned
srdi r7,r5,4
20: ld r9,0(r4)
addi r4,r4,-8
mtctr r7
andi. r5,r5,7
bf cr7*4+0,22f
addi r3,r3,8
addi r4,r4,8
mr r8,r9
blt cr1,72f
21: ld r9,8(r4)
70: std r8,8(r3)
22: ldu r8,16(r4)
71: stdu r9,16(r3)
bdnz 21b
72: std r8,8(r3)
beq+ 3f
addi r3,r3,16
23: ld r9,8(r4)
bf cr7*4+1,1f
rotldi r9,r9,32
73: stw r9,0(r3)
addi r3,r3,4
1: bf cr7*4+2,2f
rotldi r9,r9,16
74: sth r9,0(r3)
addi r3,r3,2
2: bf cr7*4+3,3f
rotldi r9,r9,8
75: stb r9,0(r3)
3: li r3,0
srdi r6,r5,3
addi r5,r5,-16
subf r4,r0,r4
srdi r7,r5,4
sldi r10,r0,3
cmpldi cr6,r6,3
andi. r5,r5,7
mtctr r7
subfic r11,r10,64
add r5,r5,r0
bt cr7*4+0,28f
24: ld r9,0(r4) /* 3+2n loads, 2+2n stores */
25: ld r0,8(r4)
sld r6,r9,r10
26: ldu r9,16(r4)
srd r7,r0,r11
sld r8,r0,r10
or r7,r7,r6
blt cr6,79f
27: ld r0,8(r4)
b 2f
28: ld r0,0(r4) /* 4+2n loads, 3+2n stores */
29: ldu r9,8(r4)
sld r8,r0,r10
addi r3,r3,-8
blt cr6,5f
30: ld r0,8(r4)
srd r12,r9,r11
sld r6,r9,r10
31: ldu r9,16(r4)
or r12,r8,r12
srd r7,r0,r11
sld r8,r0,r10
addi r3,r3,16
beq cr6,78f
1: or r7,r7,r6
32: ld r0,8(r4)
76: std r12,8(r3)
2: srd r12,r9,r11
sld r6,r9,r10
33: ldu r9,16(r4)
or r12,r8,r12
77: stdu r7,16(r3)
srd r7,r0,r11
sld r8,r0,r10
bdnz 1b
78: std r12,8(r3)
or r7,r7,r6
79: std r7,16(r3)
5: srd r12,r9,r11
or r12,r8,r12
80: std r12,24(r3)
bne 6f
li r3,0
6: cmpwi cr1,r5,8
addi r3,r3,32
sld r9,r9,r10
ble cr1,.Ldo_tail
34: ld r0,8(r4)
srd r7,r0,r11
or r9,r7,r9
b .Ldo_tail
PPC_MTOCRF 0x01,r6 /* put #bytes to 8B bdry into cr7 */
subf r5,r6,r5
li r7,0
cmpldi r1,r5,16
bf cr7*4+3,1f
35: lbz r0,0(r4)
81: stb r0,0(r3)
addi r7,r7,1
1: bf cr7*4+2,2f
36: lhzx r0,r7,r4
82: sthx r0,r7,r3
addi r7,r7,2
2: bf cr7*4+1,3f
37: lwzx r0,r7,r4
83: stwx r0,r7,r3
3: PPC_MTOCRF 0x01,r5
add r4,r6,r4
add r3,r6,r3
b .Ldst_aligned
bf cr7*4+0,1f
38: lwz r0,0(r4)
39: lwz r9,4(r4)
addi r4,r4,8
84: stw r0,0(r3)
85: stw r9,4(r3)
addi r3,r3,8
1: bf cr7*4+1,2f
40: lwz r0,0(r4)
addi r4,r4,4
86: stw r0,0(r3)
addi r3,r3,4
2: bf cr7*4+2,3f
41: lhz r0,0(r4)
addi r4,r4,2
87: sth r0,0(r3)
addi r3,r3,2
3: bf cr7*4+3,4f
42: lbz r0,0(r4)
88: stb r0,0(r3)
4: li r3,0
* exception handlers follow
* we have to return the number of bytes not copied
* for an exception on a load, we set the rest of the destination to 0
add r3,r3,r7
b 1f
addi r3,r3,8
addi r3,r3,8
addi r3,r3,8
* here we have had a fault on a load and r3 points to the first
* unmodified byte of the destination
1: ld r6,-24(r1)
ld r4,-16(r1)
ld r5,-8(r1)
subf r6,r6,r3
add r4,r4,r6
subf r5,r6,r5 /* #bytes left to go */
* first see if we can copy any more bytes before hitting another exception
mtctr r5
43: lbz r0,0(r4)
addi r4,r4,1
89: stb r0,0(r3)
addi r3,r3,1
bdnz 43b
li r3,0 /* huh? all copied successfully this time? */
* here we have trapped again, need to clear ctr bytes starting at r3
143: mfctr r5
li r0,0
mr r4,r3
mr r3,r5 /* return the number of bytes not copied */
1: andi. r9,r4,7
beq 3f
90: stb r0,0(r4)
addic. r5,r5,-1
addi r4,r4,1
bne 1b
3: cmpldi cr1,r5,8
srdi r9,r5,3
andi. r5,r5,7
blt cr1,93f
mtctr r9
91: std r0,0(r4)
addi r4,r4,8
bdnz 91b
93: beqlr
mtctr r5
92: stb r0,0(r4)
addi r4,r4,1
bdnz 92b
* exception handlers for stores: we just need to work
* out how many bytes weren't copied
add r3,r3,r7
b 1f
addi r3,r3,8
addi r3,r3,8
addi r3,r3,4
addi r3,r3,4
ld r6,-24(r1)
ld r5,-8(r1)
add r6,r6,r5
subf r3,r3,r6 /* #bytes not copied */
blr /* #bytes not copied in r3 */
.section __ex_table,"a"
.align 3
.llong 20b,120b
.llong 21b,121b
.llong 70b,170b
.llong 22b,122b
.llong 71b,171b
.llong 72b,172b
.llong 23b,123b
.llong 73b,173b
.llong 74b,174b
.llong 75b,175b
.llong 24b,124b
.llong 25b,125b
.llong 26b,126b
.llong 27b,127b
.llong 28b,128b
.llong 29b,129b
.llong 30b,130b
.llong 31b,131b
.llong 32b,132b
.llong 76b,176b
.llong 33b,133b
.llong 77b,177b
.llong 78b,178b
.llong 79b,179b
.llong 80b,180b
.llong 34b,134b
.llong 35b,135b
.llong 81b,181b
.llong 36b,136b
.llong 82b,182b
.llong 37b,137b
.llong 83b,183b
.llong 38b,138b
.llong 39b,139b
.llong 84b,184b
.llong 85b,185b
.llong 40b,140b
.llong 86b,186b
.llong 41b,141b
.llong 87b,187b
.llong 42b,142b
.llong 88b,188b
.llong 43b,143b
.llong 89b,189b
.llong 90b,190b
.llong 91b,191b
.llong 92b,192b
* Routine to copy a whole page of data, optimized for POWER4.
* On POWER4 it is more than 50% faster than the simple loop
* above (following the .Ldst_aligned label) but it runs slightly
* slower on POWER3.
std r31,-32(1)
std r30,-40(1)
std r29,-48(1)
std r28,-56(1)
std r27,-64(1)
std r26,-72(1)
std r25,-80(1)
std r24,-88(1)
std r23,-96(1)
std r22,-104(1)
std r21,-112(1)
std r20,-120(1)
li r5,4096/32 - 1
addi r3,r3,-8
li r0,5
0: addi r5,r5,-24
mtctr r0
20: ld r22,640(4)
21: ld r21,512(4)
22: ld r20,384(4)
23: ld r11,256(4)
24: ld r9,128(4)
25: ld r7,0(4)
26: ld r25,648(4)
27: ld r24,520(4)
28: ld r23,392(4)
29: ld r10,264(4)
30: ld r8,136(4)
31: ldu r6,8(4)
cmpwi r5,24
32: std r22,648(3)
33: std r21,520(3)
34: std r20,392(3)
35: std r11,264(3)
36: std r9,136(3)
37: std r7,8(3)
38: ld r28,648(4)
39: ld r27,520(4)
40: ld r26,392(4)
41: ld r31,264(4)
42: ld r30,136(4)
43: ld r29,8(4)
44: std r25,656(3)
45: std r24,528(3)
46: std r23,400(3)
47: std r10,272(3)
48: std r8,144(3)
49: std r6,16(3)
50: ld r22,656(4)
51: ld r21,528(4)
52: ld r20,400(4)
53: ld r11,272(4)
54: ld r9,144(4)
55: ld r7,16(4)
56: std r28,664(3)
57: std r27,536(3)
58: std r26,408(3)
59: std r31,280(3)
60: std r30,152(3)
61: stdu r29,24(3)
62: ld r25,664(4)
63: ld r24,536(4)
64: ld r23,408(4)
65: ld r10,280(4)
66: ld r8,152(4)
67: ldu r6,24(4)
bdnz 1b
68: std r22,648(3)
69: std r21,520(3)
70: std r20,392(3)
71: std r11,264(3)
72: std r9,136(3)
73: std r7,8(3)
74: addi r4,r4,640
75: addi r3,r3,648
bge 0b
mtctr r5
76: ld r7,0(4)
77: ld r8,8(4)
78: ldu r9,16(4)
79: ld r10,8(4)
80: std r7,8(3)
81: ld r7,16(4)
82: std r8,16(3)
83: ld r8,24(4)
84: std r9,24(3)
85: ldu r9,32(4)
86: stdu r10,32(3)
bdnz 3b
87: ld r10,8(4)
88: std r7,8(3)
89: std r8,16(3)
90: std r9,24(3)
91: std r10,32(3)
9: ld r20,-120(1)
ld r21,-112(1)
ld r22,-104(1)
ld r23,-96(1)
ld r24,-88(1)
ld r25,-80(1)
ld r26,-72(1)
ld r27,-64(1)
ld r28,-56(1)
ld r29,-48(1)
ld r30,-40(1)
ld r31,-32(1)
li r3,0
* on an exception, reset to the beginning and jump back into the
* standard __copy_tofrom_user
100: ld r20,-120(1)
ld r21,-112(1)
ld r22,-104(1)
ld r23,-96(1)
ld r24,-88(1)
ld r25,-80(1)
ld r26,-72(1)
ld r27,-64(1)
ld r28,-56(1)
ld r29,-48(1)
ld r30,-40(1)
ld r31,-32(1)
ld r3,-24(r1)
ld r4,-16(r1)
li r5,4096
b .Ldst_aligned
.section __ex_table,"a"
.align 3
.llong 20b,100b
.llong 21b,100b
.llong 22b,100b
.llong 23b,100b
.llong 24b,100b
.llong 25b,100b
.llong 26b,100b
.llong 27b,100b
.llong 28b,100b
.llong 29b,100b
.llong 30b,100b
.llong 31b,100b
.llong 32b,100b
.llong 33b,100b
.llong 34b,100b
.llong 35b,100b
.llong 36b,100b
.llong 37b,100b
.llong 38b,100b
.llong 39b,100b
.llong 40b,100b
.llong 41b,100b
.llong 42b,100b
.llong 43b,100b
.llong 44b,100b
.llong 45b,100b
.llong 46b,100b
.llong 47b,100b
.llong 48b,100b
.llong 49b,100b
.llong 50b,100b
.llong 51b,100b
.llong 52b,100b
.llong 53b,100b
.llong 54b,100b
.llong 55b,100b
.llong 56b,100b
.llong 57b,100b
.llong 58b,100b
.llong 59b,100b
.llong 60b,100b
.llong 61b,100b
.llong 62b,100b
.llong 63b,100b
.llong 64b,100b
.llong 65b,100b
.llong 66b,100b
.llong 67b,100b
.llong 68b,100b
.llong 69b,100b
.llong 70b,100b
.llong 71b,100b
.llong 72b,100b
.llong 73b,100b
.llong 74b,100b
.llong 75b,100b
.llong 76b,100b
.llong 77b,100b
.llong 78b,100b
.llong 79b,100b
.llong 80b,100b
.llong 81b,100b
.llong 82b,100b
.llong 83b,100b
.llong 84b,100b
.llong 85b,100b
.llong 86b,100b
.llong 87b,100b
.llong 88b,100b
.llong 89b,100b
.llong 90b,100b
.llong 91b,100b