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#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/suspend.h>
#include <asm/io.h>
#include <asm/time.h>
#include <asm/mpc52xx.h>
#include "mpc52xx_pic.h"
/* defined in lite5200_sleep.S and only used here */
extern void lite5200_low_power(void __iomem *sram, void __iomem *mbar);
static struct mpc52xx_cdm __iomem *cdm;
static struct mpc52xx_intr __iomem *pic;
static struct mpc52xx_sdma __iomem *bes;
static struct mpc52xx_xlb __iomem *xlb;
static struct mpc52xx_gpio __iomem *gps;
static struct mpc52xx_gpio_wkup __iomem *gpw;
static void __iomem *sram;
static const int sram_size = 0x4000; /* 16 kBytes */
static void __iomem *mbar;
static suspend_state_t lite5200_pm_target_state;
static int lite5200_pm_valid(suspend_state_t state)
switch (state) {
return 1;
return 0;
static int lite5200_pm_set_target(suspend_state_t state)
if (lite5200_pm_valid(state)) {
lite5200_pm_target_state = state;
return 0;
return -EINVAL;
static int lite5200_pm_prepare(void)
/* deep sleep? let mpc52xx code handle that */
if (lite5200_pm_target_state == PM_SUSPEND_STANDBY)
return mpc52xx_pm_prepare();
if (lite5200_pm_target_state != PM_SUSPEND_MEM)
return -EINVAL;
/* map registers */
mbar = mpc52xx_find_and_map("mpc5200");
if (!mbar) {
printk(KERN_ERR "%s:%i Error mapping registers\n", __func__, __LINE__);
return -ENOSYS;
cdm = mbar + 0x200;
pic = mbar + 0x500;
gps = mbar + 0xb00;
gpw = mbar + 0xc00;
bes = mbar + 0x1200;
xlb = mbar + 0x1f00;
sram = mbar + 0x8000;
return 0;
/* save and restore registers not bound to any real devices */
static struct mpc52xx_cdm scdm;
static struct mpc52xx_intr spic;
static struct mpc52xx_sdma sbes;
static struct mpc52xx_xlb sxlb;
static struct mpc52xx_gpio sgps;
static struct mpc52xx_gpio_wkup sgpw;
static void lite5200_save_regs(void)
_memcpy_fromio(&spic, pic, sizeof(*pic));
_memcpy_fromio(&sbes, bes, sizeof(*bes));
_memcpy_fromio(&scdm, cdm, sizeof(*cdm));
_memcpy_fromio(&sxlb, xlb, sizeof(*xlb));
_memcpy_fromio(&sgps, gps, sizeof(*gps));
_memcpy_fromio(&sgpw, gpw, sizeof(*gpw));
_memcpy_fromio(saved_sram, sram, sram_size);
static void lite5200_restore_regs(void)
int i;
_memcpy_toio(sram, saved_sram, sram_size);
* GPIOs. Interrupt Master Enable has higher address then other
* registers, so just memcpy is ok.
_memcpy_toio(gpw, &sgpw, sizeof(*gpw));
_memcpy_toio(gps, &sgps, sizeof(*gps));
/* XLB Arbitrer */
out_be32(&xlb->snoop_window, sxlb.snoop_window);
out_be32(&xlb->master_priority, sxlb.master_priority);
out_be32(&xlb->master_pri_enable, sxlb.master_pri_enable);
/* enable */
out_be32(&xlb->int_enable, sxlb.int_enable);
out_be32(&xlb->config, sxlb.config);
/* CDM - Clock Distribution Module */
out_8(&cdm->ipb_clk_sel, scdm.ipb_clk_sel);
out_8(&cdm->pci_clk_sel, scdm.pci_clk_sel);
out_8(&cdm->ext_48mhz_en, scdm.ext_48mhz_en);
out_8(&cdm->fd_enable, scdm.fd_enable);
out_be16(&cdm->fd_counters, scdm.fd_counters);
out_be32(&cdm->clk_enables, scdm.clk_enables);
out_8(&cdm->osc_disable, scdm.osc_disable);
out_be16(&cdm->mclken_div_psc1, scdm.mclken_div_psc1);
out_be16(&cdm->mclken_div_psc2, scdm.mclken_div_psc2);
out_be16(&cdm->mclken_div_psc3, scdm.mclken_div_psc3);
out_be16(&cdm->mclken_div_psc6, scdm.mclken_div_psc6);
out_be32(&bes->taskBar, sbes.taskBar);
out_be32(&bes->currentPointer, sbes.currentPointer);
out_be32(&bes->endPointer, sbes.endPointer);
out_be32(&bes->variablePointer, sbes.variablePointer);
out_8(&bes->IntVect1, sbes.IntVect1);
out_8(&bes->IntVect2, sbes.IntVect2);
out_be16(&bes->PtdCntrl, sbes.PtdCntrl);
for (i=0; i<32; i++)
out_8(&bes->ipr[i], sbes.ipr[i]);
out_be32(&bes->cReqSelect, sbes.cReqSelect);
out_be32(&bes->task_size0, sbes.task_size0);
out_be32(&bes->task_size1, sbes.task_size1);
out_be32(&bes->MDEDebug, sbes.MDEDebug);
out_be32(&bes->ADSDebug, sbes.ADSDebug);
out_be32(&bes->Value1, sbes.Value1);
out_be32(&bes->Value2, sbes.Value2);
out_be32(&bes->Control, sbes.Control);
out_be32(&bes->Status, sbes.Status);
out_be32(&bes->PTDDebug, sbes.PTDDebug);
/* restore tasks */
for (i=0; i<16; i++)
out_be16(&bes->tcr[i], sbes.tcr[i]);
/* enable interrupts */
out_be32(&bes->IntPend, sbes.IntPend);
out_be32(&bes->IntMask, sbes.IntMask);
/* PIC */
out_be32(&pic->per_pri1, spic.per_pri1);
out_be32(&pic->per_pri2, spic.per_pri2);
out_be32(&pic->per_pri3, spic.per_pri3);
out_be32(&pic->main_pri1, spic.main_pri1);
out_be32(&pic->main_pri2, spic.main_pri2);
out_be32(&pic->enc_status, spic.enc_status);
/* unmask and enable interrupts */
out_be32(&pic->per_mask, spic.per_mask);
out_be32(&pic->main_mask, spic.main_mask);
out_be32(&pic->ctrl, spic.ctrl);
static int lite5200_pm_enter(suspend_state_t state)
/* deep sleep? let mpc52xx code handle that */
if (state == PM_SUSPEND_STANDBY) {
return mpc52xx_pm_enter(state);
/* effectively save FP regs */
lite5200_low_power(sram, mbar);
/* restart jiffies */
return 0;
static void lite5200_pm_finish(void)
/* deep sleep? let mpc52xx code handle that */
if (lite5200_pm_target_state == PM_SUSPEND_STANDBY)
static struct platform_suspend_ops lite5200_pm_ops = {
.valid = lite5200_pm_valid,
.set_target = lite5200_pm_set_target,
.prepare = lite5200_pm_prepare,
.enter = lite5200_pm_enter,
.finish = lite5200_pm_finish,
int __init lite5200_pm_init(void)
return 0;