Merge tag 'bcachefs-2024-01-21' of

Pull more bcachefs updates from Kent Overstreet:
 "Some fixes, Some refactoring, some minor features:

   - Assorted prep work for disk space accounting rewrite

   - BTREE_TRIGGER_ATOMIC: after combining our trigger callbacks, this
     makes our trigger context more explicit

   - A few fixes to avoid excessive transaction restarts on
     multithreaded workloads: fstests (in addition to ktest tests) are
     now checking slowpath counters, and that's shaking out a few bugs

   - Assorted tracepoint improvements

   - Starting to break up bcachefs_format.h and move on disk types so
     they're with the code they belong to; this will make room to start
     documenting the on disk format better.

   - A few minor fixes"

* tag 'bcachefs-2024-01-21' of (46 commits)
  bcachefs: Improve inode_to_text()
  bcachefs: logged_ops_format.h
  bcachefs: reflink_format.h
  bcachefs; extents_format.h
  bcachefs: ec_format.h
  bcachefs: subvolume_format.h
  bcachefs: snapshot_format.h
  bcachefs: alloc_background_format.h
  bcachefs: xattr_format.h
  bcachefs: dirent_format.h
  bcachefs: inode_format.h
  bcachefs; quota_format.h
  bcachefs: sb-counters_format.h
  bcachefs: counters.c -> sb-counters.c
  bcachefs: comment bch_subvolume
  bcachefs: bch_snapshot::btime
  bcachefs: add missing __GFP_NOWARN
  bcachefs: opts->compression can now also be applied in the background
  bcachefs: Prep work for variable size btree node buffers
  bcachefs: grab s_umount only if snapshotting