Merge tag 'cxl-fixes-6.8-rc2' of git://

Pull cxl fixes from Dan Williams:
 "A build regression fix, a device compatibility fix, and an original
  bug preventing creation of large (16 device) interleave sets:

   - Fix unit test build regression fallout from global
     "missing-prototypes" change

   - Fix compatibility with devices that do not support interrupts

   - Fix overflow when calculating the capacity of large interleave sets"

* tag 'cxl-fixes-6.8-rc2' of git://
  cxl/region´╝ÜFix overflow issue in alloc_hpa()
  cxl/pci: Skip irq features if MSI/MSI-X are not supported
  tools/testing/nvdimm: Disable "missing prototypes / declarations" warnings
  tools/testing/cxl: Disable "missing prototypes / declarations" warnings