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" Enable folding for ftrace function_graph traces.
" To use, :source this file while viewing a function_graph trace, or use vim's
" -S option to load from the command-line together with a trace. You can then
" use the usual vim fold commands, such as "za", to open and close nested
" functions. While closed, a fold will show the total time taken for a call,
" as would normally appear on the line with the closing brace. Folded
" functions will not include finish_task_switch(), so folding should remain
" relatively sane even through a context switch.
" Note that this will almost certainly only work well with a
" single-CPU trace (e.g. trace-cmd report --cpu 1).
function! FunctionGraphFoldExpr(lnum)
let line = getline(a:lnum)
if line[-1:] == '{'
if line =~ 'finish_task_switch() {$'
return '>1'
return 'a1'
elseif line[-1:] == '}'
return 's1'
return '='
function! FunctionGraphFoldText()
let s = split(getline(v:foldstart), '|', 1)
if getline(v:foldend+1) =~ 'finish_task_switch() {$'
let s[2] = ' task switch '
let e = split(getline(v:foldend), '|', 1)
let s[2] = e[2]
return join(s, '|')
setlocal foldexpr=FunctionGraphFoldExpr(v:lnum)
setlocal foldtext=FunctionGraphFoldText()
setlocal foldcolumn=12
setlocal foldmethod=expr