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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
//! Rust printing macros sample.
use kernel::pr_cont;
use kernel::prelude::*;
module! {
type: RustPrint,
name: "rust_print",
author: "Rust for Linux Contributors",
description: "Rust printing macros sample",
license: "GPL",
struct RustPrint;
fn arc_print() -> Result {
use kernel::sync::*;
let a = Arc::try_new(1)?;
let b = UniqueArc::try_new("hello, world")?;
// Prints the value of data in `a`.
pr_info!("{}", a);
// Uses ":?" to print debug fmt of `b`.
pr_info!("{:?}", b);
let a: Arc<&str> = b.into();
let c = a.clone();
// Uses `dbg` to print, will move `c` (for temporary debugging purposes).
// Pretty-prints the debug formatting with lower-case hexadecimal integers.
pr_info!("{:#x?}", a);
impl kernel::Module for RustPrint {
fn init(_module: &'static ThisModule) -> Result<Self> {
pr_info!("Rust printing macros sample (init)\n");
pr_emerg!("Emergency message (level 0) without args\n");
pr_alert!("Alert message (level 1) without args\n");
pr_crit!("Critical message (level 2) without args\n");
pr_err!("Error message (level 3) without args\n");
pr_warn!("Warning message (level 4) without args\n");
pr_notice!("Notice message (level 5) without args\n");
pr_info!("Info message (level 6) without args\n");
pr_info!("A line that");
pr_cont!(" is continued");
pr_cont!(" without args\n");
pr_emerg!("{} message (level {}) with args\n", "Emergency", 0);
pr_alert!("{} message (level {}) with args\n", "Alert", 1);
pr_crit!("{} message (level {}) with args\n", "Critical", 2);
pr_err!("{} message (level {}) with args\n", "Error", 3);
pr_warn!("{} message (level {}) with args\n", "Warning", 4);
pr_notice!("{} message (level {}) with args\n", "Notice", 5);
pr_info!("{} message (level {}) with args\n", "Info", 6);
pr_info!("A {} that", "line");
pr_cont!(" is {}", "continued");
pr_cont!(" with {}\n", "args");
impl Drop for RustPrint {
fn drop(&mut self) {
pr_info!("Rust printing macros sample (exit)\n");