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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright 2011 Paul Mackerras, IBM Corp. <>
* Derived from book3s_interrupts.S, which is:
* Copyright SUSE Linux Products GmbH 2009
* Authors: Alexander Graf <>
#include <asm/ppc_asm.h>
#include <asm/kvm_asm.h>
#include <asm/reg.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/exception-64s.h>
#include <asm/ppc-opcode.h>
#include <asm/asm-compat.h>
#include <asm/feature-fixups.h>
* *
* Guest entry / exit code that is in kernel module memory (vmalloc) *
* *
/* Registers:
* none
/* Write correct stack frame */
mflr r0
std r0,PPC_LR_STKOFF(r1)
/* Save host state to the stack */
stdu r1, -SWITCH_FRAME_SIZE(r1)
/* Save non-volatile registers (r14 - r31) and CR */
mfcr r3
std r3, _CCR(r1)
/* Save host DSCR */
mfspr r3, SPRN_DSCR
std r3, HSTATE_DSCR(r13)
/* Save host DABR */
mfspr r3, SPRN_DABR
std r3, HSTATE_DABR(r13)
/* Save host PMU registers */
bl kvmhv_save_host_pmu
* Put whatever is in the decrementer into the
* hypervisor decrementer.
* Because of a hardware deviation in P8,
* we need to set LPCR[HDICE] before writing HDEC.
ld r5, HSTATE_KVM_VCORE(r13)
ld r6, VCORE_KVM(r5)
ld r9, KVM_HOST_LPCR(r6)
ori r8, r9, LPCR_HDICE
mtspr SPRN_LPCR, r8
mfspr r8,SPRN_DEC
mftb r7
extsw r8,r8
mtspr SPRN_HDEC,r8
add r8,r8,r7
std r8,HSTATE_DECEXP(r13)
/* Jump to partition switch code */
bl kvmppc_hv_entry_trampoline
* We return here in virtual mode after the guest exits
* with something that we can't handle in real mode.
* Interrupts are still hard-disabled.
* Register usage at this point:
* R1 = host R1
* R2 = host R2
* R3 = trap number on this thread
* R12 = exit handler id
* R13 = PACA
/* Restore non-volatile host registers (r14 - r31) and CR */
ld r4, _CCR(r1)
mtcr r4
addi r1, r1, SWITCH_FRAME_SIZE
ld r0, PPC_LR_STKOFF(r1)
mtlr r0
* void kvmhv_save_host_pmu(void)
/* Work around P8 PMAE bug */
li r3, -1
clrrdi r3, r3, 10
mfspr r8, SPRN_MMCR2
mtspr SPRN_MMCR2, r3 /* freeze all counters using MMCR2 */
li r3, 1
sldi r3, r3, 31 /* MMCR0_FC (freeze counters) bit */
mfspr r7, SPRN_MMCR0 /* save MMCR0 */
mtspr SPRN_MMCR0, r3 /* freeze all counters, disable interrupts */
mfspr r6, SPRN_MMCRA
/* Clear MMCRA in order to disable SDAR updates */
li r5, 0
mtspr SPRN_MMCRA, r5
lbz r5, PACA_PMCINUSE(r13) /* is the host using the PMU? */
cmpwi r5, 0
beq 31f /* skip if not */
mfspr r5, SPRN_MMCR1
mfspr r9, SPRN_SIAR
mfspr r10, SPRN_SDAR
std r7, HSTATE_MMCR0(r13)
std r5, HSTATE_MMCR1(r13)
std r6, HSTATE_MMCRA(r13)
std r9, HSTATE_SIAR(r13)
std r10, HSTATE_SDAR(r13)
mfspr r9, SPRN_SIER
std r8, HSTATE_MMCR2(r13)
std r9, HSTATE_SIER(r13)
mfspr r3, SPRN_PMC1
mfspr r5, SPRN_PMC2
mfspr r6, SPRN_PMC3
mfspr r7, SPRN_PMC4
mfspr r8, SPRN_PMC5
mfspr r9, SPRN_PMC6
stw r3, HSTATE_PMC1(r13)
stw r5, HSTATE_PMC2(r13)
stw r6, HSTATE_PMC3(r13)
stw r7, HSTATE_PMC4(r13)
stw r8, HSTATE_PMC5(r13)
stw r9, HSTATE_PMC6(r13)
31: blr