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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* goldfish-timer clocksource
* Registers definition for the goldfish-timer device
* TIMER_TIME_LOW get low bits of current time and update TIMER_TIME_HIGH
* TIMER_TIME_HIGH get high bits of time at last TIMER_TIME_LOW read
* TIMER_ALARM_LOW set low bits of alarm and activate it
* TIMER_ALARM_HIGH set high bits of next alarm
* TIMER_IRQ_ENABLED enable alarm interrupt
* TIMER_CLEAR_ALARM disarm an existing alarm
* TIMER_ALARM_STATUS alarm status (running or not)
* TIMER_CLEAR_INTERRUPT clear interrupt
#define TIMER_TIME_LOW 0x00
#define TIMER_TIME_HIGH 0x04
#define TIMER_ALARM_LOW 0x08
#define TIMER_ALARM_HIGH 0x0c
#define TIMER_IRQ_ENABLED 0x10
#define TIMER_CLEAR_ALARM 0x14
extern int goldfish_timer_init(int irq, void __iomem *base);