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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
# Qualcomm IPC Router configuration
config QRTR
tristate "Qualcomm IPC Router support"
Say Y if you intend to use Qualcomm IPC router protocol. The
protocol is used to communicate with services provided by other
hardware blocks in the system.
In order to do service lookups, a userspace daemon is required to
maintain a service listing.
config QRTR_SMD
tristate "SMD IPC Router channels"
depends on RPMSG || (COMPILE_TEST && RPMSG=n)
Say Y here to support SMD based ipcrouter channels. SMD is the
most common transport for IPC Router.
config QRTR_TUN
tristate "TUN device for Qualcomm IPC Router"
Say Y here to expose a character device that allows user space to
implement endpoints of QRTR, for purpose of tunneling data to other
hosts or testing purposes.
config QRTR_MHI
tristate "MHI IPC Router channels"
depends on MHI_BUS
Say Y here to support MHI based ipcrouter channels. MHI is the
transport used for communicating to external modems.
endif # QRTR