RCU pull request for v6.2

This pull request contains the following branches:

doc.2022.10.20a: Documentation updates.  This is the second
	in a series from an ongoing review of the RCU documentation.

fixes.2022.10.21a: Miscellaneous fixes.

lazy.2022.11.30a: Introduces a default-off Kconfig option that depends
	on RCU_NOCB_CPU that, on CPUs mentioned in the nohz_full or
	rcu_nocbs boot-argument CPU lists, causes call_rcu() to introduce
	delays.  These delays result in significant power savings on
	nearly idle Android and ChromeOS systems.  These savings range
	from a few percent to more than ten percent.

	This series also includes several commits that change call_rcu()
	to a new call_rcu_hurry() function that avoids these delays in
	a few cases, for example, where timely wakeups are required.
	Several of these are outside of RCU and thus have acks and
	reviews from the relevant maintainers.

srcunmisafe.2022.11.09a: Creates an srcu_read_lock_nmisafe() and an
	srcu_read_unlock_nmisafe() for architectures that support NMIs,
	but which do not provide NMI-safe this_cpu_inc().  These NMI-safe
	SRCU functions are required by the upcoming lockless printk()
	work by John Ogness et al.

	That printk() series depends on these commits, so if you pull
	the printk() series before this one, you will have already
	pulled in this branch, plus two more SRCU commits:

	0cd7e350abc4 ("rcu: Make SRCU mandatory")
	51f5f78a4f80 ("srcu: Make Tiny synchronize_srcu() check for readers")

	These two commits appear to work well, but do not have
	sufficient testing exposure over a long enough time for me to
	feel comfortable pushing them unless something in mainline is
	definitely going to use them immediately, and currently only
	the new printk() work uses them.

torture.2022.10.18c: Changes providing minor but important increases
	in test coverage for the new RCU polled-grace-period APIs.

torturescript.2022.10.20a: Changes that avoid redundant kernel builds,
	thus providing about a 30% speedup for the torture.sh acceptance
Merge branches 'doc.2022.10.20a', 'fixes.2022.10.21a', 'lazy.2022.11.30a', 'srcunmisafe.2022.11.09a', 'torture.2022.10.18c' and 'torturescript.2022.10.20a' into HEAD

doc.2022.10.20a: Documentation updates.
fixes.2022.10.21a: Miscellaneous fixes.
lazy.2022.11.30a: Lazy call_rcu() and NOCB updates.
srcunmisafe.2022.11.09a: NMI-safe SRCU readers.
torture.2022.10.18c: Torture-test updates.
torturescript.2022.10.20a: Torture-test scripting updates.