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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
/* Copyright (c) 2016 Mellanox Technologies. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (c) 2016 Jiri Pirko <>
#include <linux/etherdevice.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/notifier.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include <linux/xarray.h>
#include <net/devlink.h>
#include <net/net_namespace.h>
#include <net/rtnetlink.h>
#include <rdma/ib_verbs.h>
#include "netlink_gen.h"
struct devlink_rel;
struct devlink_dev_stats {
u32 remote_reload_stats[DEVLINK_RELOAD_STATS_ARRAY_SIZE];
struct devlink {
u32 index;
struct xarray ports;
struct list_head rate_list;
struct list_head sb_list;
struct list_head dpipe_table_list;
struct list_head resource_list;
struct xarray params;
struct list_head region_list;
struct list_head reporter_list;
struct devlink_dpipe_headers *dpipe_headers;
struct list_head trap_list;
struct list_head trap_group_list;
struct list_head trap_policer_list;
struct list_head linecard_list;
const struct devlink_ops *ops;
struct xarray snapshot_ids;
struct devlink_dev_stats stats;
struct device *dev;
possible_net_t _net;
/* Serializes access to devlink instance specific objects such as
* port, sb, dpipe, resource, params, region, traps and more.
struct mutex lock;
struct lock_class_key lock_key;
u8 reload_failed:1;
refcount_t refcount;
struct rcu_work rwork;
struct devlink_rel *rel;
struct xarray nested_rels;
char priv[] __aligned(NETDEV_ALIGN);
extern struct xarray devlinks;
extern struct genl_family devlink_nl_family;
/* devlink instances are open to the access from the user space after
* devlink_register() call. Such logical barrier allows us to have certain
* expectations related to locking.
* Before *_register() - we are in initialization stage and no parallel
* access possible to the devlink instance. All drivers perform that phase
* by implicitly holding device_lock.
* After *_register() - users and driver can access devlink instance at
* the same time.
WARN_ON_ONCE(!xa_get_mark(&devlinks, (d)->index, DEVLINK_REGISTERED))
WARN_ON_ONCE(xa_get_mark(&devlinks, (d)->index, DEVLINK_REGISTERED))
/* Iterate over devlink pointers which were possible to get reference to.
* devlink_put() needs to be called for each iterated devlink pointer
* in loop body in order to release the reference.
#define devlinks_xa_for_each_registered_get(net, index, devlink) \
for (index = 0; (devlink = devlinks_xa_find_get(net, &index)); index++)
struct devlink *devlinks_xa_find_get(struct net *net, unsigned long *indexp);
static inline bool devl_is_registered(struct devlink *devlink)
return xa_get_mark(&devlinks, devlink->index, DEVLINK_REGISTERED);
typedef void devlink_rel_notify_cb_t(struct devlink *devlink, u32 obj_index);
typedef void devlink_rel_cleanup_cb_t(struct devlink *devlink, u32 obj_index,
u32 rel_index);
void devlink_rel_nested_in_clear(u32 rel_index);
int devlink_rel_nested_in_add(u32 *rel_index, u32 devlink_index,
u32 obj_index, devlink_rel_notify_cb_t *notify_cb,
devlink_rel_cleanup_cb_t *cleanup_cb,
struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_rel_nested_in_notify(struct devlink *devlink);
int devlink_rel_devlink_handle_put(struct sk_buff *msg, struct devlink *devlink,
u32 rel_index, int attrtype,
bool *msg_updated);
/* Netlink */
enum devlink_multicast_groups {
/* state held across netlink dumps */
struct devlink_nl_dump_state {
unsigned long instance;
int idx;
union {
struct {
u64 start_offset;
struct {
u64 dump_ts;
typedef int devlink_nl_dump_one_func_t(struct sk_buff *msg,
struct devlink *devlink,
struct netlink_callback *cb,
int flags);
struct devlink *
devlink_get_from_attrs_lock(struct net *net, struct nlattr **attrs);
int devlink_nl_dumpit(struct sk_buff *msg, struct netlink_callback *cb,
devlink_nl_dump_one_func_t *dump_one);
static inline struct devlink_nl_dump_state *
devlink_dump_state(struct netlink_callback *cb)
NL_ASSERT_DUMP_CTX_FITS(struct devlink_nl_dump_state);
return (struct devlink_nl_dump_state *)cb->ctx;
static inline int
devlink_nl_put_handle(struct sk_buff *msg, struct devlink *devlink)
if (nla_put_string(msg, DEVLINK_ATTR_BUS_NAME, devlink->dev->bus->name))
return -EMSGSIZE;
if (nla_put_string(msg, DEVLINK_ATTR_DEV_NAME, dev_name(devlink->dev)))
return -EMSGSIZE;
return 0;
int devlink_nl_put_nested_handle(struct sk_buff *msg, struct net *net,
struct devlink *devlink, int attrtype);
int devlink_nl_msg_reply_and_new(struct sk_buff **msg, struct genl_info *info);
/* Notify */
void devlink_notify_register(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_notify_unregister(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_ports_notify_register(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_ports_notify_unregister(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_params_notify_register(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_params_notify_unregister(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_regions_notify_register(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_regions_notify_unregister(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_trap_policers_notify_register(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_trap_policers_notify_unregister(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_trap_groups_notify_register(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_trap_groups_notify_unregister(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_traps_notify_register(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_traps_notify_unregister(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_rates_notify_register(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_rates_notify_unregister(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_linecards_notify_register(struct devlink *devlink);
void devlink_linecards_notify_unregister(struct devlink *devlink);
/* Ports */
struct devlink_port *devlink_port_get_by_index(struct devlink *devlink,
unsigned int port_index);
int devlink_port_netdevice_event(struct notifier_block *nb,
unsigned long event, void *ptr);
struct devlink_port *
devlink_port_get_from_info(struct devlink *devlink, struct genl_info *info);
struct devlink_port *devlink_port_get_from_attrs(struct devlink *devlink,
struct nlattr **attrs);
/* Reload */
bool devlink_reload_actions_valid(const struct devlink_ops *ops);
int devlink_reload(struct devlink *devlink, struct net *dest_net,
enum devlink_reload_action action,
enum devlink_reload_limit limit,
u32 *actions_performed, struct netlink_ext_ack *extack);
static inline bool devlink_reload_supported(const struct devlink_ops *ops)
return ops->reload_down && ops->reload_up;
/* Params */
void devlink_params_driverinit_load_new(struct devlink *devlink);
/* Resources */
struct devlink_resource;
int devlink_resources_validate(struct devlink *devlink,
struct devlink_resource *resource,
struct genl_info *info);
/* Rates */
int devlink_rate_nodes_check(struct devlink *devlink, u16 mode,
struct netlink_ext_ack *extack);
/* Linecards */
unsigned int devlink_linecard_index(struct devlink_linecard *linecard);