Merge tag 'acpi-5.14-rc1-2' of git://

Pull more ACPI updates from Rafael Wysocki:
 "These include fixes of the recently introduced support for the
  Platform Runtime Mechanism (PRM) feature, a new backlight quirk, a
  suspend-to-idle wakeup fix for non-Intel platforms and a fix for the
  AMBA bus resource list in /proc/iomem.


   - Fix up the recently added Platform Runtime Mechanism (PRM) support
     by correnting a couple of implementation mistakes in it and adding
     a Kconfig help text to describe it (Aubrey Li, Rafael Wysocki).

   - Add backlight quirk for Dell Vostro 3350 (Hans de Goede).

   - Avoid spurious wakeups from suspend-to-idle on non-Intel platforms
     by restricting special EC GPE handling to the Intel ones (Mario

   - Modify the AMBA bus support in ACPI to avoid adding using resource
     names in /proc/iomem (Liguang Zhang)"

* tag 'acpi-5.14-rc1-2' of git://
  ACPI: Do not singal PRM support if not enabled
  ACPI: Correct \_SB._OSC bit definition for PRM
  ACPI: Kconfig: Provide help text for the ACPI_PRMT option
  ACPI: PM: Only mark EC GPE for wakeup on Intel systems
  ACPI: video: Add quirk for the Dell Vostro 3350
  ACPI: AMBA: Fix resource name in /proc/iomem