Merge branch 'wq/for-3.10' into block/for-3.10/core

wq/for-3.10 includes v3.9-rc5 which contains a md raid5 change which
conflicts with a commit in block/for-3.10/core.  The two conflicting
commits are

  e3620a3ad5 ("MD RAID5: Avoid accessing gendisk or queue structs when not available")
  2f6db2a707 ("raid5: use bio_reset()")

The conflict is trivial.  The former removes "if ()" conditional above
trace_block_bio_remap() and the latter removes rbi->bi_next clearing
right above that.  We simply need to remove both "if ()" and
rbi->bi_next clearing.

Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <>