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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Thunderbolt driver - Tunneling support
* Copyright (c) 2014 Andreas Noever <>
* Copyright (C) 2019, Intel Corporation
#ifndef TB_TUNNEL_H_
#define TB_TUNNEL_H_
#include "tb.h"
enum tb_tunnel_type {
* struct tb_tunnel - Tunnel between two ports
* @tb: Pointer to the domain
* @src_port: Source port of the tunnel
* @dst_port: Destination port of the tunnel. For discovered incomplete
* tunnels may be %NULL or null adapter port instead.
* @paths: All paths required by the tunnel
* @npaths: Number of paths in @paths
* @init: Optional tunnel specific initialization
* @activate: Optional tunnel specific activation/deactivation
* @consumed_bandwidth: Return how much bandwidth the tunnel consumes
* @list: Tunnels are linked using this field
* @type: Type of the tunnel
* @max_bw: Maximum bandwidth (Mb/s) available for the tunnel (only for DP).
* Only set if the bandwidth needs to be limited.
struct tb_tunnel {
struct tb *tb;
struct tb_port *src_port;
struct tb_port *dst_port;
struct tb_path **paths;
size_t npaths;
int (*init)(struct tb_tunnel *tunnel);
int (*activate)(struct tb_tunnel *tunnel, bool activate);
int (*consumed_bandwidth)(struct tb_tunnel *tunnel);
struct list_head list;
enum tb_tunnel_type type;
unsigned int max_bw;
struct tb_tunnel *tb_tunnel_discover_pci(struct tb *tb, struct tb_port *down);
struct tb_tunnel *tb_tunnel_alloc_pci(struct tb *tb, struct tb_port *up,
struct tb_port *down);
struct tb_tunnel *tb_tunnel_discover_dp(struct tb *tb, struct tb_port *in);
struct tb_tunnel *tb_tunnel_alloc_dp(struct tb *tb, struct tb_port *in,
struct tb_port *out, int max_bw);
struct tb_tunnel *tb_tunnel_alloc_dma(struct tb *tb, struct tb_port *nhi,
struct tb_port *dst, int transmit_ring,
int transmit_path, int receive_ring,
int receive_path);
void tb_tunnel_free(struct tb_tunnel *tunnel);
int tb_tunnel_activate(struct tb_tunnel *tunnel);
int tb_tunnel_restart(struct tb_tunnel *tunnel);
void tb_tunnel_deactivate(struct tb_tunnel *tunnel);
bool tb_tunnel_is_invalid(struct tb_tunnel *tunnel);
bool tb_tunnel_switch_on_path(const struct tb_tunnel *tunnel,
const struct tb_switch *sw);
int tb_tunnel_consumed_bandwidth(struct tb_tunnel *tunnel);
static inline bool tb_tunnel_is_pci(const struct tb_tunnel *tunnel)
return tunnel->type == TB_TUNNEL_PCI;
static inline bool tb_tunnel_is_dp(const struct tb_tunnel *tunnel)
return tunnel->type == TB_TUNNEL_DP;
static inline bool tb_tunnel_is_dma(const struct tb_tunnel *tunnel)
return tunnel->type == TB_TUNNEL_DMA;