mm: multi-gen LRU: retry folios written back while isolated

The page reclaim isolates a batch of folios from the tail of one of the
LRU lists and works on those folios one by one.  For a suitable
swap-backed folio, if the swap device is async, it queues that folio for
writeback.  After the page reclaim finishes an entire batch, it puts back
the folios it queued for writeback to the head of the original LRU list.

In the meantime, the page writeback flushes the queued folios also by
batches.  Its batching logic is independent from that of the page reclaim.
For each of the folios it writes back, the page writeback calls
folio_rotate_reclaimable() which tries to rotate a folio to the tail.

folio_rotate_reclaimable() only works for a folio after the page reclaim
has put it back.  If an async swap device is fast enough, the page
writeback can finish with that folio while the page reclaim is still
working on the rest of the batch containing it.  In this case, that folio
will remain at the head and the page reclaim will not retry it before
reaching there.

This patch adds a retry to evict_folios().  After evict_folios() has
finished an entire batch and before it puts back folios it cannot free
immediately, it retries those that may have missed the rotation.

Before this patch, ~60% of folios swapped to an Intel Optane missed
folio_rotate_reclaimable().  After this patch, ~99% of missed folios were
reclaimed upon retry.

This problem affects relatively slow async swap devices like Samsung 980
Pro much less and does not affect sync swap devices like zram or zswap at

Fixes: ac35a4902374 ("mm: multi-gen LRU: minimal implementation")
Signed-off-by: Yu Zhao <>
Cc: "Yin, Fengwei" <>
Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <>
1 file changed