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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Author: Huacai Chen <>
* Copyright (C) 2020-2022 Loongson Technology Corporation Limited
#ifndef __ASM_SMP_H
#define __ASM_SMP_H
#include <linux/atomic.h>
#include <linux/bitops.h>
#include <linux/linkage.h>
#include <linux/threads.h>
#include <linux/cpumask.h>
extern int smp_num_siblings;
extern int num_processors;
extern int disabled_cpus;
extern cpumask_t cpu_sibling_map[];
extern cpumask_t cpu_core_map[];
extern cpumask_t cpu_foreign_map[];
void loongson_smp_setup(void);
void loongson_prepare_cpus(unsigned int max_cpus);
void loongson_boot_secondary(int cpu, struct task_struct *idle);
void loongson_init_secondary(void);
void loongson_smp_finish(void);
void loongson_send_ipi_single(int cpu, unsigned int action);
void loongson_send_ipi_mask(const struct cpumask *mask, unsigned int action);
int loongson_cpu_disable(void);
void loongson_cpu_die(unsigned int cpu);
static inline void plat_smp_setup(void)
static inline int raw_smp_processor_id(void)
#if defined(__VDSO__)
extern int vdso_smp_processor_id(void)
__compiletime_error("VDSO should not call smp_processor_id()");
return vdso_smp_processor_id();
return current_thread_info()->cpu;
#define raw_smp_processor_id raw_smp_processor_id
/* Map from cpu id to sequential logical cpu number. This will only
* not be idempotent when cpus failed to come on-line. */
extern int __cpu_number_map[NR_CPUS];
#define cpu_number_map(cpu) __cpu_number_map[cpu]
/* The reverse map from sequential logical cpu number to cpu id. */
extern int __cpu_logical_map[NR_CPUS];
#define cpu_logical_map(cpu) __cpu_logical_map[cpu]
#define cpu_physical_id(cpu) cpu_logical_map(cpu)
#define SMP_BOOT_CPU 0x1
#define SMP_RESCHEDULE 0x2
struct secondary_data {
unsigned long stack;
unsigned long thread_info;
extern struct secondary_data cpuboot_data;
extern asmlinkage void smpboot_entry(void);
extern void calculate_cpu_foreign_map(void);
* Generate IPI list text
extern void show_ipi_list(struct seq_file *p, int prec);
* This function sends a 'reschedule' IPI to another CPU.
* it goes straight through and wastes no time serializing
* anything. Worst case is that we lose a reschedule ...
static inline void smp_send_reschedule(int cpu)
loongson_send_ipi_single(cpu, SMP_RESCHEDULE);
static inline void arch_send_call_function_single_ipi(int cpu)
loongson_send_ipi_single(cpu, SMP_CALL_FUNCTION);
static inline void arch_send_call_function_ipi_mask(const struct cpumask *mask)
loongson_send_ipi_mask(mask, SMP_CALL_FUNCTION);
static inline int __cpu_disable(void)
return loongson_cpu_disable();
static inline void __cpu_die(unsigned int cpu)
extern void play_dead(void);
#endif /* __ASM_SMP_H */