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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* A symbol table (symtab) maintains associations between symbol
* strings and datum values. The type of the datum values
* is arbitrary. The symbol table type is implemented
* using the hash table type (hashtab).
* Author : Stephen Smalley, <>
#ifndef _SS_SYMTAB_H_
#define _SS_SYMTAB_H_
#include "hashtab.h"
struct symtab {
struct hashtab table; /* hash table (keyed on a string) */
u32 nprim; /* number of primary names in table */
int symtab_init(struct symtab *s, unsigned int size);
int symtab_insert(struct symtab *s, char *name, void *datum);
void *symtab_search(struct symtab *s, const char *name);
#endif /* _SS_SYMTAB_H_ */