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* Copyright 2002 Embedded Edge, LLC
* Author:
* Sleep helper for Au1xxx sleep mode.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
#include <asm/asm.h>
#include <asm/mipsregs.h>
#include <asm/addrspace.h>
#include <asm/regdef.h>
#include <asm/stackframe.h>
.set macro
.set noat
.align 5
/* Save all of the processor general registers and go to sleep.
* A wakeup condition will get us back here to restore the registers.
subu sp, PT_SIZE
sw $1, PT_R1(sp)
sw $2, PT_R2(sp)
sw $3, PT_R3(sp)
sw $4, PT_R4(sp)
sw $5, PT_R5(sp)
sw $6, PT_R6(sp)
sw $7, PT_R7(sp)
sw $8, PT_R8(sp)
sw $9, PT_R9(sp)
sw $10, PT_R10(sp)
sw $11, PT_R11(sp)
sw $12, PT_R12(sp)
sw $13, PT_R13(sp)
sw $14, PT_R14(sp)
sw $15, PT_R15(sp)
sw $16, PT_R16(sp)
sw $17, PT_R17(sp)
sw $18, PT_R18(sp)
sw $19, PT_R19(sp)
sw $20, PT_R20(sp)
sw $21, PT_R21(sp)
sw $22, PT_R22(sp)
sw $23, PT_R23(sp)
sw $24, PT_R24(sp)
sw $25, PT_R25(sp)
sw $26, PT_R26(sp)
sw $27, PT_R27(sp)
sw $28, PT_R28(sp)
sw $29, PT_R29(sp)
sw $30, PT_R30(sp)
sw $31, PT_R31(sp)
mfc0 k0, CP0_STATUS
sw k0, 0x20(sp)
mfc0 k0, CP0_CONTEXT
sw k0, 0x1c(sp)
mfc0 k0, CP0_PAGEMASK
sw k0, 0x18(sp)
mfc0 k0, CP0_CONFIG
sw k0, 0x14(sp)
/* Now set up the scratch registers so the boot rom will
* return to this point upon wakeup.
la k0, 1f
lui k1, 0xb190
ori k1, 0x18
sw sp, 0(k1)
ori k1, 0x1c
sw k0, 0(k1)
/* Put SDRAM into self refresh. Preload instructions into cache,
* issue a precharge, then auto refresh, then sleep commands to it.
la t0, sdsleep
.set mips3
cache 0x14, 0(t0)
cache 0x14, 32(t0)
cache 0x14, 64(t0)
cache 0x14, 96(t0)
.set mips0
lui k0, 0xb400
sw zero, 0x001c(k0) /* Precharge */
sw zero, 0x0020(k0) /* Auto refresh */
sw zero, 0x0030(k0) /* SDRAM sleep */
lui k1, 0xb190
sw zero, 0x0078(k1) /* get ready to sleep */
sw zero, 0x007c(k1) /* Put processor to sleep */
/* This is where we return upon wakeup.
* Reload all of the registers and return.
1: nop
lw k0, 0x20(sp)
mtc0 k0, CP0_STATUS
lw k0, 0x1c(sp)
mtc0 k0, CP0_CONTEXT
lw k0, 0x18(sp)
mtc0 k0, CP0_PAGEMASK
lw k0, 0x14(sp)
mtc0 k0, CP0_CONFIG
/* We need to catch the ealry Alchemy SOCs with
* the write-only Config[OD] bit and set it back to one...
jal au1x00_fixup_config_od
lw $1, PT_R1(sp)
lw $2, PT_R2(sp)
lw $3, PT_R3(sp)
lw $4, PT_R4(sp)
lw $5, PT_R5(sp)
lw $6, PT_R6(sp)
lw $7, PT_R7(sp)
lw $8, PT_R8(sp)
lw $9, PT_R9(sp)
lw $10, PT_R10(sp)
lw $11, PT_R11(sp)
lw $12, PT_R12(sp)
lw $13, PT_R13(sp)
lw $14, PT_R14(sp)
lw $15, PT_R15(sp)
lw $16, PT_R16(sp)
lw $17, PT_R17(sp)
lw $18, PT_R18(sp)
lw $19, PT_R19(sp)
lw $20, PT_R20(sp)
lw $21, PT_R21(sp)
lw $22, PT_R22(sp)
lw $23, PT_R23(sp)
lw $24, PT_R24(sp)
lw $25, PT_R25(sp)
lw $26, PT_R26(sp)
lw $27, PT_R27(sp)
lw $28, PT_R28(sp)
lw $29, PT_R29(sp)
lw $30, PT_R30(sp)
lw $31, PT_R31(sp)
addiu sp, PT_SIZE
jr ra