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This directory contains documentation for the Fujitsu FR-V CPU architecture
port of Linux.
The following documents are available:
(*) features.txt
A description of the basic features inherent in this architecture port.
(*) configuring.txt
A summary of the configuration options particular to this architecture.
(*) booting.txt
A description of how to boot the kernel image and a summary of the kernel
command line options.
(*) gdbstub.txt
A description of how to debug the kernel using GDB attached by serial
port, and a summary of the services available.
(*) mmu-layout.txt
A description of the virtual and physical memory layout used in the
MMU linux kernel, and the registers used to support it.
(*) gdbinit
An example .gdbinit file for use with GDB. It includes macros for viewing
MMU state on the FR451. See mmu-layout.txt for more information.
(*) clock.txt
A description of the CPU clock scaling interface.
(*) atomic-ops.txt
A description of how the FR-V kernel's atomic operations work.