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I want to thank all who contributed to this project and especially to:
(in alphabetical order)
Thomas Bogendörfer (
Tester, lots of bugfixes and hints.
Alan Cox (
For help getting into standard-kernel.
Henner Eisen (
For X.25 implementation.
Volker Götz (
For contribution of man-pages, the imontty-tool and a perfect
maintaining of the mailing-list at hub-wue.
Matthias Hessler (
For creating and maintaining the FAQ.
Bernhard Hailer (
For creating the FAQ, and the leafsite HOWTO.
Michael 'Ghandi' Herold (
For contribution of the vbox answering machine.
Michael Hipp (
For his Sync-PPP-code.
Karsten Keil (
For adding 1TR6-support to the Teles-driver.
For the HiSax-driver.
Michael Knigge (
For contributing the imon-tool
Andreas Kool (
For contribution of the isdnlog/isdnrep-tool
Pedro Roque Marques (
For lot of new ideas and the pcbit driver.
Eberhard Moenkeberg (
For testing and help to get into kernel.
Thomas Neumann (
For help with Cisco-SLARP and keepalive
Jan den Ouden (
For contribution of the original teles-driver
Carsten Paeth (
For the AVM-B1-CAPI2.0 driver
Thomas Pfeiffer (
For V.110, extended T.70 and Hylafax extensions in isdn_tty.c
Max Riegel (
For making the ICN hardware-documentation and test-equipment available.
Armin Schindler (
For the eicon active card driver.
Gerhard 'Fido' Schneider (
For heavy-duty-beta-testing with his BBS ;)
Thomas Uhl (
For distributing the cards.
For pushing me to work ;-)