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What is it?
This is a v4l2/oss device driver for saa7130/33/34/35 based capture / TV
boards. See for a
Almost everything is working. video, sound, tuner, radio, mpeg ts, ...
As with bttv, card-specific tweaks are needed. Check CARDLIST for a
list of known TV cards and saa7134-cards.c for the drivers card
configuration info.
Pick up videodev + v4l2 patches from
Configure, build, install + boot the new kernel. You'll need at least
these config options:
Type "make" to build the driver now. "make install" installs the
driver. "modprobe saa7134" should load it. Depending on the card you
might have to pass card=<nr> as insmod option, check CARDLIST for
valid choices.
Changes / Fixes
Please mail me unified diffs ("diff -u") with your changes, and don't
forget to tell me what it changes / which problem it fixes / whatever
it is good for ...
Known Problems
* The tuner for the flyvideos isn't detected automatically and the
default might not work for you depending on which version you have.
There is a tuner= insmod option to override the driver's default.
Card Variations:
Cards can use either of these two crystals (xtal):
- 32.11 MHz -> .audio_clock=0x187de7
- 24.576MHz -> .audio_clock=0x200000
(xtal * .audio_clock = 51539600)
Some details about 30/34/35:
- saa7130 - low-price chip, doesn't have mute, that is why all those
cards should have .mute field defined in their tuner structure.
- saa7134 - usual chip
- saa7133/35 - saa7135 is probably a marketing decision, since all those
chips identifies itself as 33 on pci.
======= + for providing
saa7134 hardware specs and sample board.
Have fun,
Gerd Knorr <> [SuSE Labs]