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Linux driver for STV0680 based USB cameras
Copyright, 2001, Kevin Sisson
STMicroelectronics produces the STV0680B chip, which comes in two
types, -001 and -003. The -003 version allows the recording and downloading
of sound clips from the camera, and allows a flash attachment. Otherwise,
it uses the same commands as the -001 version. Both versions support a
variety of SDRAM sizes and sensors, allowing for a maximum of 26 VGA or 20
CIF pictures. The STV0680 supports either a serial or a usb interface, and
video is possible through the usb interface.
The following cameras are known to work with this driver, although any
camera with Vendor/Product codes of 0553/0202 should work:
Aiptek Pencam (various models)
Nisis QuickPix 2
Radio Shack 'Kid's digital camera' (#60-1207)
At least one Trust Spycam model
Several other European brand models
- USB support
- VIDEO4LINUX support
More information about USB support for linux can be found at:
When the driver is compiled as a module, you can set a "swapRGB=1"
option, if necessary, for those applications that require it
(such as xawtv). However, the driver should detect and set this
automatically, so this option should not normally be used.
The driver seems to work better with the usb-ohci than the usb-uhci host
controller driver.
The latest info on this driver can be found at: or at
Any questions to me can be send to: