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/* $Id: aztcd.h,v 2.60 1997/11/29 09:51:22 root Exp root $
* Definitions for a AztechCD268 CD-ROM interface
* Copyright (C) 1994-98 Werner Zimmermann
* based on Mitsumi CDROM driver by Martin Harriss
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
* History: W.Zimmermann adaption to Aztech CD268-01A Version 1.3
* October 1994 Email:
/* *** change this to set the I/O port address of your CD-ROM drive,
set to '-1', if you want autoprobing */
#define AZT_BASE_ADDR -1
/* list of autoprobing addresses (not more than 15), last value must be 0x000
Note: Autoprobing is only enabled, if AZT_BASE_ADDR is set to '-1' ! */
#define AZT_BASE_AUTO { 0x320, 0x300, 0x310, 0x330, 0x000 }
/* Uncomment this, if your CDROM is connected to a Soundwave32-soundcard
and configure AZT_BASE_ADDR and AZT_SW32_BASE_ADDR */
/*#define AZT_SW32 1
#ifdef AZT_SW32
#define AZT_SW32_BASE_ADDR 0x220 /*I/O port base address of your soundcard*/
/* Set this to 1, if you want your tray to be locked, set to 0 to prevent tray
from locking */
/*Set this to 1 to allow auto-eject when unmounting a disk, set to 0, if you
don't want the auto-eject feature*/
#define AZT_AUTO_EJECT 0
/*Set this to 1, if you want to use incompatible ioctls for reading in raw and
cooked mode */
/*Set this to 1, if you want multisession support by the ISO fs. Even if you set
this value to '0' you can use multisession CDs. In that case the drive's firm-
ware will do the appropriate redirection automatically. The CD will then look
like a single session CD (but nevertheless all data may be read). Please read
chapter '5.1 Multisession support' in README.aztcd for details. Normally it's
uncritical to leave this setting untouched */
/*Uncomment this, if you are using a linux kernel version prior to 2.1.0 */
/*#define AZT_KERNEL_PRIOR_2_1 */
/*-----nothing to be configured for normal applications below this line------*/
/* Increase this if you get lots of timeouts; if you get kernel panic, replace
STEN_LOW_WAIT by STEN_LOW in the source code */
#define AZT_STATUS_DELAY 400 /*for timer wait, STEN_LOW_WAIT*/
#define AZT_TIMEOUT 8000000 /*for busy wait STEN_LOW, DTEN_LOW*/
#define AZT_FAST_TIMEOUT 10000 /*for reading the version string*/
/* number of times to retry a command before giving up */
/* port access macros */
#define CMD_PORT azt_port
#define DATA_PORT azt_port
#define STATUS_PORT azt_port+1
#define MODE_PORT azt_port+2
#ifdef AZT_SW32
#define AZT_SW32_INIT (unsigned int) (0xFF00 & (AZT_BASE_ADDR*16))
#define AZT_SW32_CONFIG_REG AZT_SW32_BASE_ADDR+0x16 /*Soundwave32 Config. Register*/
#define AZT_SW32_ID_REG AZT_SW32_BASE_ADDR+0x04 /*Soundwave32 ID Version Register*/
/* status bits */
#define AST_CMD_CHECK 0x80 /* 1 = command error */
#define AST_DOOR_OPEN 0x40 /* 1 = door is open */
#define AST_NOT_READY 0x20 /* 1 = no disk in the drive */
#define AST_DSK_CHG 0x02 /* 1 = disk removed or changed */
#define AST_MODE 0x01 /* 0=MODE1, 1=MODE2 */
#define AST_MODE_BITS 0x1C /* Mode Bits */
#define AST_INITIAL 0x0C /* initial, only valid ... */
#define AST_BUSY 0x04 /* now playing, only valid
in combination with mode
bits */
/* flag bits */
#define AFL_DATA 0x02 /* data available if low */
#define AFL_STATUS 0x04 /* status available if low */
#define AFL_OP_OK 0x01 /* OP_OK command correct*/
#define AFL_PA_OK 0x02 /* PA_OK parameter correct*/
#define AFL_OP_ERR 0x05 /* error in command*/
#define AFL_PA_ERR 0x06 /* error in parameters*/
#define POLLED 0x04 /* polled mode */
/* commands */
#define ACMD_SOFT_RESET 0x10 /* reset drive */
#define ACMD_PLAY_READ 0x20 /* read data track in cooked mode */
#define ACMD_PLAY_READ_RAW 0x21 /* reading in raw mode*/
#define ACMD_SEEK 0x30 /* seek msf address*/
#define ACMD_SEEK_TO_LEADIN 0x31 /* seek to leadin track*/
#define ACMD_GET_ERROR 0x40 /* get error code */
#define ACMD_GET_STATUS 0x41 /* get status */
#define ACMD_GET_Q_CHANNEL 0x50 /* read info from q channel */
#define ACMD_EJECT 0x60 /* eject/open tray */
#define ACMD_CLOSE 0x61 /* close tray */
#define ACMD_LOCK 0x71 /* lock tray closed */
#define ACMD_UNLOCK 0x72 /* unlock tray */
#define ACMD_PAUSE 0x80 /* pause */
#define ACMD_STOP 0x81 /* stop play */
#define ACMD_PLAY_AUDIO 0x90 /* play audio track */
#define ACMD_SET_VOLUME 0x93 /* set audio level */
#define ACMD_GET_VERSION 0xA0 /* get firmware version */
#define ACMD_SET_DISK_TYPE 0xA1 /* set disk data mode */
#define MAX_TRACKS 104
struct msf {
unsigned char min;
unsigned char sec;
unsigned char frame;
struct azt_Play_msf {
struct msf start;
struct msf end;
struct azt_DiskInfo {
unsigned char first;
unsigned char next;
unsigned char last;
struct msf diskLength;
struct msf firstTrack;
unsigned char multi;
struct msf nextSession;
struct msf lastSession;
unsigned char xa;
unsigned char audio;
struct azt_Toc {
unsigned char ctrl_addr;
unsigned char track;
unsigned char pointIndex;
struct msf trackTime;
struct msf diskTime;