Merge tag 'ntfs3_for_5.15' of git://

Pull ntfs3 fixes from Konstantin Komarov:
 "Use the new api for mounting as requested by Christoph.

  Also fixed:

   - some memory leaks and panic

   - xfstests (tested on x86_64) generic/016 generic/021 generic/022
     generic/041 generic/274 generic/423

   - some typos, wrong returned error codes, dead code, etc"

* tag 'ntfs3_for_5.15' of git:// (70 commits)
  fs/ntfs3: Check for NULL pointers in ni_try_remove_attr_list
  fs/ntfs3: Refactor ntfs_read_mft
  fs/ntfs3: Refactor ni_parse_reparse
  fs/ntfs3: Refactor ntfs_create_inode
  fs/ntfs3: Refactor ntfs_readlink_hlp
  fs/ntfs3: Rework ntfs_utf16_to_nls
  fs/ntfs3: Fix memory leak if fill_super failed
  fs/ntfs3: Keep prealloc for all types of files
  fs/ntfs3: Remove unnecessary functions
  fs/ntfs3: Forbid FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE for normal files
  fs/ntfs3: Refactoring of ntfs_set_ea
  fs/ntfs3: Remove locked argument in ntfs_set_ea
  fs/ntfs3: Use available posix_acl_release instead of ntfs_posix_acl_release
  fs/ntfs3: Check for NULL if ATTR_EA_INFO is incorrect
  fs/ntfs3: Refactoring of ntfs_init_from_boot
  fs/ntfs3: Reject mount if boot's cluster size < media sector size
  fs/ntfs3: Refactoring lock in ntfs_init_acl
  fs/ntfs3: Change posix_acl_equiv_mode to posix_acl_update_mode
  fs/ntfs3: Pass flags to ntfs_set_ea in ntfs_set_acl_ex
  fs/ntfs3: Refactor ntfs_get_acl_ex for better readability