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drm/vc4 Broadcom VC4 Graphics Driver
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_drv.c
:doc: Broadcom VC4 Graphics Driver
Display Hardware Handling
This section covers everything related to the display hardware including
the mode setting infrastructure, plane, sprite and cursor handling and
display, output probing and related topics.
Pixel Valve (DRM CRTC)
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_crtc.c
:doc: VC4 CRTC module
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hvs.c
:doc: VC4 HVS module.
HVS planes
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_plane.c
:doc: VC4 plane module
HDMI encoder
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hdmi.c
:doc: VC4 Falcon HDMI module
DSI encoder
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_dsi.c
:doc: VC4 DSI0/DSI1 module
DPI encoder
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_dpi.c
:doc: VC4 DPI module
VEC (Composite TV out) encoder
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_vec.c
:doc: VC4 SDTV module
Memory Management and 3D Command Submission
This section covers the GEM implementation in the vc4 driver.
GPU buffer object (BO) management
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_bo.c
:doc: VC4 GEM BO management support
V3D binner command list (BCL) validation
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_validate.c
:doc: Command list validator for VC4.
V3D render command list (RCL) generation
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_render_cl.c
:doc: Render command list generation
Shader validator for VC4
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_validate_shaders.c
:doc: Shader validator for VC4.
V3D Interrupts
.. kernel-doc:: drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_irq.c
:doc: Interrupt management for the V3D engine