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* Global definition of all the bootwrapper operations.
* Author: Mark A. Greer <>
* 2006 (c) MontaVista Software, Inc. This file is licensed under
* the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. This program
* is licensed "as is" without any warranty of any kind, whether express
* or implied.
#ifndef _PPC_BOOT_OPS_H_
#define _PPC_BOOT_OPS_H_
#include "types.h"
#define MAX_PATH_LEN 256
#define MAX_PROP_LEN 256 /* What should this be? */
/* Platform specific operations */
struct platform_ops {
void (*fixups)(void);
void (*image_hdr)(const void *);
void * (*malloc)(u32 size);
void (*free)(void *ptr);
void * (*realloc)(void *ptr, unsigned long size);
void (*exit)(void);
extern struct platform_ops platform_ops;
/* Device Tree operations */
struct dt_ops {
void * (*finddevice)(const char *name);
int (*getprop)(const void *phandle, const char *name, void *buf,
const int buflen);
int (*setprop)(const void *phandle, const char *name,
const void *buf, const int buflen);
unsigned long (*finalize)(void);
extern struct dt_ops dt_ops;
/* Console operations */
struct console_ops {
int (*open)(void);
void (*write)(char *buf, int len);
void (*edit_cmdline)(char *buf, int len);
void (*close)(void);
void *data;
extern struct console_ops console_ops;
/* Serial console operations */
struct serial_console_data {
int (*open)(void);
void (*putc)(unsigned char c);
unsigned char (*getc)(void);
u8 (*tstc)(void);
void (*close)(void);
int platform_init(void *promptr, char *dt_blob_start, char *dt_blob_end);
int ft_init(void *dt_blob, unsigned int max_size, unsigned int max_find_device);
int serial_console_init(void);
int ns16550_console_init(void *devp, struct serial_console_data *scdp);
void *simple_alloc_init(char *base, u32 heap_size, u32 granularity,
u32 max_allocs);
static inline void *finddevice(const char *name)
return (dt_ops.finddevice) ? dt_ops.finddevice(name) : NULL;
static inline int getprop(void *devp, const char *name, void *buf, int buflen)
return (dt_ops.getprop) ? dt_ops.getprop(devp, name, buf, buflen) : -1;
static inline int setprop(void *devp, const char *name, void *buf, int buflen)
return (dt_ops.setprop) ? dt_ops.setprop(devp, name, buf, buflen) : -1;
static inline void *malloc(u32 size)
return (platform_ops.malloc) ? platform_ops.malloc(size) : NULL;
static inline void free(void *ptr)
if (;
static inline void exit(void)
if (platform_ops.exit)
#endif /* _PPC_BOOT_OPS_H_ */