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# List of files in the vdso, has to be asm only for now
obj-vdso64 = sigtramp.o gettimeofday.o datapage.o cacheflush.o note.o
# Build rules
targets := $(obj-vdso64)
obj-vdso64 := $(addprefix $(obj)/, $(obj-vdso64))
EXTRA_CFLAGS := -shared -fno-common -fno-builtin
EXTRA_CFLAGS += -nostdlib -Wl, \
$(call ld-option, -Wl$(comma)--hash-style=sysv)
obj-y += vdso64_wrapper.o
extra-y += += -P -C -U$(ARCH)
# Force dependency (incbin is bad)
$(obj)/vdso64_wrapper.o : $(obj)/
# link rule for the .so file, .lds has to be first
$(obj)/ $(src)/ $(obj-vdso64)
$(call if_changed,vdso64ld)
# strip rule for the .so file
$(obj)/ OBJCOPYFLAGS := -S
$(obj)/ $(obj)/ FORCE
$(call if_changed,objcopy)
# assembly rules for the .S files
$(obj-vdso64): %.o: %.S
$(call if_changed_dep,vdso64as)
# actual build commands
quiet_cmd_vdso64ld = VDSO64L $@
cmd_vdso64ld = $(CC) $(c_flags) -Wl,-T $^ -o $@
quiet_cmd_vdso64as = VDSO64A $@
cmd_vdso64as = $(CC) $(a_flags) -c -o $@ $<
# install commands for the unstripped file
quiet_cmd_vdso_install = INSTALL $@
cmd_vdso_install = cp $(obj)/$@.dbg $(MODLIB)/vdso/$@ $(obj)/
@mkdir -p $(MODLIB)/vdso
$(call cmd,vdso_install)