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Pull xfs updates from Darrick Wong:
 "The notable user-visible addition this cycle is ability to remove
  space from the last AG in a filesystem. This is the first of many
  changes needed for full-fledged support for shrinking a filesystem.
  Still needed are (a) the ability to reorganize files and metadata away
  from the end of the fs; (b) the ability to remove entire allocation
  groups; (c) shrink support for realtime volumes; and (d) thorough
  testing of (a-c).

  There are a number of performance improvements in this code drop: Dave
  streamlined various parts of the buffer logging code and reduced the
  cost of various debugging checks, and added the ability to pre-create
  the xattr structures while creating files. Brian eliminated
  transaction reservations that were being held across writeback (thus
  reducing livelock potential.

  Other random pieces: Pavel fixed the repetitve warnings about
  deprecated mount options, I fixed online fsck to behave itself when a
  readonly remount comes in during scrub, and refactored various other
  parts of that code, Christoph contributed a lot of refactoring this
  cycle. The xfs_icdinode structure has been absorbed into the (incore)
  xfs_inode structure, and the format and flags handling around
  xfs_inode_fork structures has been simplified. Chandan provided a
  number of fixes for extent count overflow related problems that have
  been shaken out by debugging knobs added during 5.12.


   - Various minor fixes in online scrub.

   - Prevent metadata files from being automatically inactivated.

   - Validate btree heights by the computed per-btree limits.

   - Don't warn about remounting with deprecated mount options.

   - Initialize attr forks at create time if we suspect we're going to
     need to store them.

   - Reduce memory reallocation workouts in the logging code.

   - Fix some theoretical math calculation errors in logged buffers that
     span multiple discontig memory ranges but contiguous ondisk

   - Speedups in dirty buffer bitmap handling.

   - Make type verifier functions more inline-happy to reduce overhead.

   - Reduce debug overhead in directory checking code.

   - Many many typo fixes.

   - Begin to handle the permanent loss of the very end of a filesystem.

   - Fold struct xfs_icdinode into xfs_inode.

   - Deprecate the long defunct BMV_IF_NO_DMAPI_READ from the bmapx

   - Remove a broken directory block format check from online scrub.

   - Fix a bug where we could produce an unnecessarily tall data fork
     btree when creating an attr fork.

   - Fix scrub and readonly remounts racing.

   - Fix a writeback ioend log deadlock problem by dropping the behavior
     where we could preallocate a setfilesize transaction.

   - Fix some bugs in the new extent count checking code.

   - Fix some bugs in the attr fork preallocation code.

   - Refactor if_flags out of the incore inode fork data structure"

* tag 'xfs-5.13-merge-3' of git:// (77 commits)
  xfs: remove xfs_quiesce_attr declaration
  xfs: remove XFS_IFEXTENTS
  xfs: remove XFS_IFINLINE
  xfs: remove XFS_IFBROOT
  xfs: only look at the fork format in xfs_idestroy_fork
  xfs: simplify xfs_attr_remove_args
  xfs: rename and simplify xfs_bmap_one_block
  xfs: move the XFS_IFEXTENTS check into xfs_iread_extents
  xfs: drop unnecessary setfilesize helper
  xfs: drop unused ioend private merge and setfilesize code
  xfs: open code ioend needs workqueue helper
  xfs: drop submit side trans alloc for append ioends
  xfs: fix return of uninitialized value in variable error
  xfs: get rid of the ip parameter to xchk_setup_*
  xfs: fix scrub and remount-ro protection when running scrub
  xfs: move the check for post-EOF mappings into xfs_can_free_eofblocks
  xfs: move the xfs_can_free_eofblocks call under the IOLOCK
  xfs: precalculate default inode attribute offset
  xfs: default attr fork size does not handle device inodes
  xfs: inode fork allocation depends on XFS_IFEXTENT flag