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* cs_internal.h
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* The initial developer of the original code is David A. Hinds
* <>. Portions created by David A. Hinds
* are Copyright (C) 1999 David A. Hinds. All Rights Reserved.
* (C) 1999 David A. Hinds
#include <linux/config.h>
#define CLIENT_MAGIC 0x51E6
typedef struct client_t client_t;
/* Flags in client state */
#define CLIENT_IRQ_REQ 0x0002
#define CLIENT_IO_REQ 0x0004
#define CLIENT_UNBOUND 0x0008
#define CLIENT_STALE 0x0010
#define CLIENT_WIN_REQ(i) (0x20<<(i))
#define CLIENT_CARDBUS 0x8000
#define REGION_MAGIC 0xE3C9
typedef struct region_t {
u_short region_magic;
u_short state;
dev_info_t dev_info;
client_handle_t mtd;
u_int MediaID;
region_info_t info;
} region_t;
#define REGION_STALE 0x01
/* Each card function gets one of these guys */
typedef struct config_t {
u_int state;
u_int Attributes;
u_int Vcc, Vpp1, Vpp2;
u_int IntType;
u_int ConfigBase;
u_char Status, Pin, Copy, Option, ExtStatus;
u_int Present;
u_int CardValues;
io_req_t io;
struct {
u_int Attributes;
} irq;
} config_t;
struct cis_cache_entry {
struct list_head node;
unsigned int addr;
unsigned int len;
unsigned int attr;
unsigned char cache[0];
/* Flags in config state */
#define CONFIG_LOCKED 0x01
#define CONFIG_IRQ_REQ 0x02
#define CONFIG_IO_REQ 0x04
/* Flags in socket state */
#define SOCKET_PRESENT 0x0008
#define SOCKET_INUSE 0x0010
#define SOCKET_SUSPEND 0x0080
#define SOCKET_WIN_REQ(i) (0x0100<<(i))
#define SOCKET_REGION_INFO 0x4000
#define SOCKET_CARDBUS 0x8000
static inline int cs_socket_get(struct pcmcia_socket *skt)
int ret;
WARN_ON(skt->state & SOCKET_INUSE);
ret = try_module_get(skt->owner);
if (ret)
skt->state |= SOCKET_INUSE;
return ret;
static inline void cs_socket_put(struct pcmcia_socket *skt)
if (skt->state & SOCKET_INUSE) {
skt->state &= ~SOCKET_INUSE;
#define CHECK_HANDLE(h) \
(((h) == NULL) || ((h)->client_magic != CLIENT_MAGIC))
#define CHECK_SOCKET(s) \
(((s) >= sockets) || (socket_table[s]->ops == NULL))
#define SOCKET(h) (h->Socket)
#define CONFIG(h) (&SOCKET(h)->config[(h)->Function])
#define CHECK_REGION(r) \
(((r) == NULL) || ((r)->region_magic != REGION_MAGIC))
#define CHECK_ERASEQ(q) \
(((q) == NULL) || ((q)->eraseq_magic != ERASEQ_MAGIC))
#define EVENT(h, e, p) \
((h)->event_handler((e), (p), &(h)->event_callback_args))
/* In cardbus.c */
int cb_alloc(struct pcmcia_socket *s);
void cb_free(struct pcmcia_socket *s);
int read_cb_mem(struct pcmcia_socket *s, int space, u_int addr, u_int len, void *ptr);
/* In cistpl.c */
int read_cis_mem(struct pcmcia_socket *s, int attr,
u_int addr, u_int len, void *ptr);
void write_cis_mem(struct pcmcia_socket *s, int attr,
u_int addr, u_int len, void *ptr);
void release_cis_mem(struct pcmcia_socket *s);
void destroy_cis_cache(struct pcmcia_socket *s);
int verify_cis_cache(struct pcmcia_socket *s);
int pccard_read_tuple(struct pcmcia_socket *s, unsigned int function, cisdata_t code, void *parse);
/* In rsrc_mgr */
void pcmcia_validate_mem(struct pcmcia_socket *s);
struct resource *find_io_region(unsigned long base, int num, unsigned long align,
struct pcmcia_socket *s);
int adjust_io_region(struct resource *res, unsigned long r_start,
unsigned long r_end, struct pcmcia_socket *s);
struct resource *find_mem_region(u_long base, u_long num, u_long align,
int low, struct pcmcia_socket *s);
int adjust_resource_info(client_handle_t handle, adjust_t *adj);
void release_resource_db(struct pcmcia_socket *s);
/* In socket_sysfs.c */
extern struct class_interface pccard_sysfs_interface;
/* In cs.c */
extern struct rw_semaphore pcmcia_socket_list_rwsem;
extern struct list_head pcmcia_socket_list;
int pcmcia_get_window(struct pcmcia_socket *s, window_handle_t *handle, int idx, win_req_t *req);
int pccard_get_configuration_info(struct pcmcia_socket *s, unsigned int function, config_info_t *config);
int pccard_reset_card(struct pcmcia_socket *skt);
int pccard_get_status(struct pcmcia_socket *s, unsigned int function, cs_status_t *status);
int pccard_access_configuration_register(struct pcmcia_socket *s, unsigned int function, conf_reg_t *reg);
struct pcmcia_callback{
struct module *owner;
int (*event) (struct pcmcia_socket *s, event_t event, int priority);
int (*resources_done) (struct pcmcia_socket *s);
int pccard_register_pcmcia(struct pcmcia_socket *s, struct pcmcia_callback *c);
#define cs_socket_name(skt) ((skt)->dev.class_id)
#ifdef DEBUG
extern int cs_debug_level(int);
#define cs_dbg(skt, lvl, fmt, arg...) do { \
if (cs_debug_level(lvl)) \
printk(KERN_DEBUG "cs: %s: " fmt, \
cs_socket_name(skt) , ## arg); \
} while (0)
#define cs_dbg(skt, lvl, fmt, arg...) do { } while (0)
#define cs_err(skt, fmt, arg...) \
printk(KERN_ERR "cs: %s: " fmt, (skt)->dev.class_id , ## arg)
#endif /* _LINUX_CS_INTERNAL_H */