Merge tag 's390-6.1-6' of git://

Pull s390 updates from Alexander Gordeev:

 - Fix size of incorrectly increased from four to eight bytes TOD field
   of crash dump save area. As result in case of kdump NT_S390_TODPREG
   ELF notes section contains correct value and "detected read beyond
   size of field" compiler warning goes away.

 - Fix memory leak in cryptographic Adjunct Processors (AP) module on
   initialization failure path.

 - Add Gerald Schaefer <> and Alexander
   Gordeev <> as S390 memory management
   maintainers. Also rename the S390 section to S390 ARCHITECTURE to be
   a bit more precise.

* tag 's390-6.1-6' of git://
  MAINTAINERS: add S390 MM section
  s390/crashdump: fix TOD programmable field size
  s390/ap: fix memory leak in ap_init_qci_info()