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If you are using the driver as a module, you can specify your ports and IRQs
# insmod mcdx.o mcdx=0x300,11,0x304,5
and so on ("address,IRQ" pairs).
This will override the configuration in mcdx.h.
This driver:
o handles XA and (hopefully) multi session CDs as well as
ordinary CDs;
o supports up to 5 drives (of course, you'll need free
IRQs, i/o ports and slots);
o plays audio
This version doesn't support yet:
o shared IRQs (but it seems to be possible - I've successfully
connected two drives to the same irq. So it's `only' a
problem of the driver.)
This driver never will:
o Read digital audio (i.e. copy directly), due to missing
hardware features.