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-- Documentation/cdrom/sjcd
80% of the work takes 20% of the time,
20% of the work takes 80% of the time...
(Murphy's law)
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This is the README for the sjcd cdrom driver, version 1.6.
This file is meant as a tips & tricks edge for the usage of the SANYO CDR-H94A
cdrom drive. It will grow as the questions arise. ;-)
For info on configuring the ISP16 sound card look at Documentation/cdrom/isp16.
The driver should work with any of the Panasonic, Sony or Mitsumi style
CDROM interfaces.
The cdrom interface on Media Magic's soft configurable sound card ISP16,
which used to be included in the driver, is now supported in a separate module.
This initialisation module will probably also work with other interfaces
based on an OPTi 82C928 or 82C929 chip (like MAD16 and Mozart): see the
documentation Documentation/cdrom/isp16.
The device major for sjcd is 18, and minor is 0. Create a block special
file in your /dev directory (e.g., /dev/sjcd) with these numbers.
(For those who don't know, being root and doing the following should do
the trick:
mknod -m 644 /dev/sjcd b 18 0
and mount the cdrom by /dev/sjcd).
The default configuration parameters are:
base address 0x340
no irq
no dma
(Actually the CDR-H94A doesn't know how to use irq and dma.)
As of version 1.2, setting base address at boot time is supported
through the use of command line options: type at the "boot:" prompt:
linux sjcd=<base_address>
(where you would use the kernel labeled "linux" in lilo's configuration
file /etc/lilo.conf). You could also use 'append="sjcd=<configuration_info>"'
in the appropriate section of /etc/lilo.conf
If you're building a kernel yourself you can set your default base
i/o address with SJCD_BASE_ADDR in /usr/src/linux/drivers/cdrom/sjcd.h.
The sjcd driver supports being loaded as a module. The following
command will set the base i/o address on the fly (assuming you
have installed the module in an appropriate place).
insmod sjcd.o sjcd_base=<base_address>
Have fun!
If something is wrong, please email to
It happens sometimes that Vadim is not reachable by mail. For these
instances, Eric van der Maarel will help too.
Vadim V. Model, Eric van der Maarel, Eberhard Moenkeberg