Merge tag 'gfs2-for-5.13' of git://

Pull gfs2 updates from Andreas Gruenbacher:

 - Fix some compiler and kernel-doc warnings

 - Various minor cleanups and optimizations

 - Add a new sysfs gfs2 status file with some filesystem wide

* tag 'gfs2-for-5.13' of git://
  gfs2: Fix fall-through warnings for Clang
  gfs2: Fix a number of kernel-doc warnings
  gfs2: Make gfs2_setattr_simple static
  gfs2: Add new sysfs file for gfs2 status
  gfs2: Silence possible null pointer dereference warning
  gfs2: Turn gfs2_meta_indirect_buffer into gfs2_meta_buffer
  gfs2: Replace gfs2_lblk_to_dblk with gfs2_get_extent
  gfs2: Turn gfs2_extent_map into gfs2_{get,alloc}_extent
  gfs2: Add new gfs2_iomap_get helper
  gfs2: Remove unused variable sb_format
  gfs2: Fix dir.c function parameter descriptions
  gfs2: Eliminate gh parameter from go_xmote_bh func
  gfs2: don't create empty buffers for NO_CREATE